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For 8yrs now, I’ve been overcome by debilitating ailments, rendering myself disabled. Suffering with depression all my life, these ailments really set me on a downward spiral, to now include severe anxiety attacks!

All my life, I’ve been a person who took pride in doing the best job I could, no matter what the status of that job was. Is was a real blow to my happiness to have to depend on others, and feel like a burden, for all the simple things I took for granted. I WAS THE CARETAKER! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? WHY? I went as far to work 8 mos. as a Nursing assistant, while two ribs were broke, not cracked, actually broke and seperated. Of course at that time, I just bit the bullet, while my Doctors and I was unaware my ribs were broke.

I was slowly getting worse. I had…

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