I suffered with an eating disorder for 13 yrs.. This, before the picture I’m gonna post ,that I found on FB page ‘LOL cats and funny pictures of cats’ “Can I has a cheezeburger”.

It is very sad to me that the epidemic of eating disorders is becoming worse. Since I had my own disorder, it’s easily for me to pick up if someone else is suffering. Because of my sickness, I’ve gained so much weight, I am Fat, but beautiful. Please teach the women, young and old, of how beautiful they are.



4 comments on “Anorexia

  1. I never knew! I think we all fall into some of these diet trends, and then for some of us it turns into something deeper. I remember starving myself and taking diet pills with a good friend in high school, and not “seeing” how emaciated I had become, until people started telling me, “You know, you don’t look good! EAT something!”

    It is very hard for young people these days. They see all of the skinny starlets, many of whom have had plastic surgery also, and think that is perfection. :/

  2. I totally agree; the media does a tremendous job on pushing ‘Skinniness” on us all. We need to get away from that mentality and show how we are all beautiful – no matter how big or small we are. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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