Paranormal Activity?

I love paranormal shows! I’m also a huge skeptic, even though I have experienced, well, some strange things. I’m the type of person that feels there has to be a rational explanation to things that have happened. I must admit though, that there are things I couldn’t explain, and they still puzzle me.

I’m not going to go through my whole life history, but I will tell of things that happened when I moved to Minnesota. I also will add, that I had been through some overwhelming personal, and emotional trauma.  Resulting in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For you skeptics of that diagnosis, let me tell you, it does exist, and it’s very difficult to deal with. I only mention the P.T.S.D., because it is believed that paranormal activity feeds off negative energy and fear.

When I was renting a double-wide, modular home. Some experiences started there with my daughter. We were nest to a natural creek, which also has ties in P.A. I guess it’s with the water, and Minnesota is known for it’s Native American history. Anyhow, my daughter and her friend were experiencing strange things in my daughter’s room. The blinds from her window would move violently, like someone pushed them to the side, very hard. I sat in the room with my daughter and her friend in the darkness, and yes, it did happen. I just wasn’t convinced. I felt somehow her friend was moving those blinds, and I couldn’t figure out how. So I left, but I was getting upset, because I was renting, and I didn’t want to have to replace those blinds. They insisted that they weren’t doing it. I believed my daughter, but I believed her friend had her convinced something was happening.

The friend left, and my daughter came to me, because she said something was scratching her bed. Both myself and my husband did experience that. there was something scratching her bed, no tomfoolery going on. My husband worked the overnight shift, so my girls joined me in my master bedroom for peaceful sleep. Only one time, I was awoken by a loud bang on my metal bed frame. Being half asleep, I just was confused, and went back to sleep. End of story at this place, we moved.

Our next rental was an old farmhouse on 106 acres of land. The house was built in 1817, and I knew people had died in the house. My daughter once again had experiences, but she just dealt with them at this point. We have our faith in Christ. But, she did experience apparitions, things being thrown across her room, light bulbs bursting and such. When I stayed in that room, I again would experience a pound on my bed frame, this time a wooden bed frame. Again, this was when I was in a deep sleep, and I would be just confused, and fall back asleep. If there was activity, I was like FU, I have to work tonight! I need to sleep.

I will say, that I did hear footsteps upstairs, when no one was up the, but I just  ignored it. And my husband had seen an apparition reflection in the living room window. I will say that after moving into that house, that’s when I started to become sick, and after living there for 8 yrs., I left legally disabled. I sometimes blame that house for doing that to me, but I’m away from there now. Trying my best to stay positive, and deal with Chronic Pain Syndrome, that is attributed to my ailments.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons. My daughter who studies the bible religiously, and always, is my source for questions. I asked if there was a way that someone could get stuck between heaven and hell, and be lost…a ghost. She says NO. There is no mention of ghosts. You only have angels and demons. And if you think a loved one is visiting you, it is probably a demon, trying to trick you. I do believe the people who have experienced a haunting, but when they say that a loved one visits them, I start to wonder if they’re being tricked by the Devil.

Have you had an experience? Are you a skeptic, or in between skepticism or belief?  I guess really,  I’m in between. I’d love to hear your comments or experiences. Don’t be shy, I’m nice, really. 🙂



3 comments on “Paranormal Activity?

  1. Thank you, Joey! I can related to what your daughter says, too! Maybe the good experiences are angels. I guess none of us really know for sure. I have heard of a lot of people who have these “before death” experiences where they see a close relative. Someone at my church offered me a ticket to hear the seminarian give a talk about Angels, and that they really do exist — I wasn’t able to go, but I wish I did!

    Oh, another thing that happened a few days before my Grandmother passed away: My sister and my cousin and his pregnant wife were in the room visiting her. Grandma was laying in bed looking at my sister and appeared to be listening to everything my sister was saying (but she was unable to speak). My sister had a VERY strong bond with her, and would just sit and talk to her, give her updates on the family, relatives who were pregnant and their due dates, stories about the kids, etc. EVERY time my sister would tell her some news or information, my Grandma would look at her and seem to understand, and then turn her head and look to the corner of the room as if someone invisible was also standing there listening. Me & my sister think it was probably my Grandpa. ❤

  2. I am a believer. I have never “seen” a ghost, but there are some things that have happened to my mom and confirmed (and also seen) by other relatives which make me a believer. Nothing evil happened in any of these experiences, although my mother (as a child) was terrified to see a transparent hand in the stairway of her grandmother’s home, the same transparent hand was seen by a toddler who made it safely up and down the stairway by herself years later. My mother heard the footsteps of her deceased uncle most every night, and him rocking in his favorite chair. Somehow, the blinds of their front room would be rearranged from the way her mom fixed them to the way her deceased uncle had preferred them. I remember as a child, not knowing these ghost stories, and having the hair stand up on my back every time me and my sisters played in that area of the house.

    I have heard stories of people seeing “shadow people,” which sound very scary. A close friend of mine’s daughter has seen them many times, and my friend has also.

    I do believe that the dead can sometimes communicate with some of us, people with special abilities, or for a specific reason. My step-son was young when his mother passed away at night time. She was in the hospital, miles away, and he was at home in bed, his father in the next room. He saw his mom floating upward with an angel, telling him that she was okay and safe. He went and told his father what he had just seen, and then his father received the phone call from the hospital with the sad news.

    My Grandmother told my uncle that her mother and grandmother visited her in the nursing home and asked her to “come live upstairs” with them, and that “it is nice up there.” She received this visit more than a week before she passed away.

    A lot of little things that I have noticed make me believe in angels. My daughter, as a baby, staring up at a certain area of the ceiling and following something with her eyes wide open, smiling (and giggling) as if seeing something heavenly. My husband and I loved to watch this happen! And there have been times in my life that my guardian angel has saved me, and sometimes I just think God brings real people to us, in times of need, that help us and change the path of our lives. 🙂

    • I definately believe in Angels! I love your story, thanks so much for sharing. I just get so confused sometimes. So, maybe our loved one’s are Angels, not ghosts? Because of the Bible, I keep thinking Angels and Demons. But, You as a source, I know you speak truth. It’s awesome that your experiences haven’t been frightening! You’re a beautiful person, and I know Angels surround you! 🙂

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