Alone : a poem unveiled

Fading feelings come back to haunt me,

New feelings of sadness arise,

I want to change to the person I could be,

My mind, as it whispers, holds my demise,

Taking control of unwanted Demons,

Screaming at them to all go away,

Alone in the waves is a lonely sea-man,

Lost in destruction of powerful waves,

As a tear rolls down my old wise cheek,

It’s the power of solace that I do seek,

Clouded by hurdles down my winding path,

I stumble on most, afraid to look back,

The next hurdle’s here and I’m tired and weak,

It’s hard to snap out of the thoughts that are bleak,

So alone I sit without friends or comfort,

Alone I sit with my Demons of fate,

Alone I sit, lonely and hurt,

My heart is breaking to pieces of hate,

A child awaits my promising wisdom,

I sit and wonder what to possibly say,

An innocent young heart looking for freedom,

I must keep my Demons so far, far away.


3 comments on “Alone : a poem unveiled

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  2. Joey, You are an amazing writer. I can feel your sadness & hurt as I read this. You have such an amazing talent, and I know you said this helps you, so keep writing!!!

    Have you ever talked to a publisher? I really think you should!

    Your #1 Fan Always,

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