I met this girl, she is my Sunshine,

I haven’t seen her for years and years,

I connected to her through Facebook chatting,

And through our speaking, she became very dear,

I named her Sunshine, that’s what she portrays,

Knowing her, gives me sunny days,

Warm and nice, and filled with compassion,

To my bluest thoughts, she becomes an assassin,

She fills my heart with love and goodness,

My truest feeling, and God’s my witness,

She’s an awesome Mother, wife, and friend,

She’ll stay in my heart, even past the end,

God has graced me through Facebook commotion,

And through that, I received loving emotion,

To my Sunshine, you know who you are,

You will always be my shining star!

I love you, Sunshine!


3 comments on “Sunshine

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  2. You just made my day, and made me cry (in a happy way)! I love you, too, Sunshine! Finding you again has meant the world to me . . . I wish I could express it in such beautiful words as you!!! ❤

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