A Short Story (fictional)

I’m going to post my Short Story. I have not proofread, and I’m sure there are many writing errors. If I was sending this off professionally, I would have my daughter proof-read it first, and type it up. Just a heads up! 🙂

Eyes wide with anticipation, his face animated with fear and excitement at the same time. The blowing breeze slightly tousled his sandy brown, curly hair. His cape glistened like wet red paint, in the afternoon Spring sun. Blue pajama pants and a fresh, clean white tee shirt, was quite fitting for the adventure ahead. And most important was his magical new shoes, he spotted months ago in the shop Downtown. A place not often greeted by his bright, toothless grin. But this morning, the shop downtown would be graced by his smiling face, as Mother lead the way!

Leaving the small shoe stop Downtown, his smile stretched from ear to ear, as he clutched the shiny white bag, with the blue and red polka dots. Inside that bag, were the magical shoes, he prayed for every night, before bed. As he glanced up, those big, golden arches, McDonald’s, were beckoning to him. The scent of golden, delicious french fries permeated the air surrounding him. The grumble in his stomach seemed to break the sound barrier to his Mothers sometimes, working ears. She grabbed his small, sweaty hand, carefully looked to the left, and then right, and crossed the street. His Mothers hands were always cold, so he figured she liked to hold his hand to make hers warmer. Either way, he clutched his most prized purchase, and was heading to McDonald’s! And boy, was he hungry. This was the only time he was allowed to have soda. He liked soda, how it tasted, and the way it tickled his freckled nose from the carbonation.

The car ride home, seemed to take forever. There was valuable playtime being missed at this moment! Sitting in the back, passenger seat, he stuck his head perpendicular to the open window, where the wind blew his face so hard, that he had to pull his head back, to grab another breath. Excited and anxious, he held the blue and red polka dot bag on his lap. He started to play an imaginary game of connect the dots, on the bag, when suddenly, he heard the sound of gravel underneath the car tires. A rush of adrenaline, or maybe the soda from McDonald’s, shot through his body like a rocket. They were home!

He ran to the front door of the house, and turned back to see hi Mother was just stepping out of the car. HURRY, he was thinking over and over again, in his head. After his Mother unlocked the door, he stepped in, and kicked off his shoes as quickly as possible. With bag in hand, he ran to his room, being careful not to slip on the freshly, polished oak floors. Into his room he ran, and plopped on his bed with all his favorite stuffed toys. He carefully removed the box from the bag. He opened the box, pushing the tissue paper to the side, and removed his new shoes. He held one up, close to his face, and studied the blue and red stitching throughout the shoe. They were velcro shoes, as he had not yet learned to tie shoes. His absolute favorite was the bright yellow, shiny emblem on the side, with a big red ‘S’ inside. Superman! His favorite super hero of all time! And on the velcro tabs? A yellow rectangle with Superman written in it! Now, he could learn to spell his favorite super hero’s name!

He put his shoes on. They were the greatest things in the whole, wide world! He ran to his dresser drawer to complete his look for the most greatest playtime. Out of his room he ran, through the kitchen, yelling to his Mother at the same time, that he was going in the backyard to play!

One..Two..Three…WHOOSH! Jumping off the picnic table, he landed on both feet, put his fists on his hips, stuck out his chest, and yelled ‘I’m here to save you!’. Jacob had the best day ever, one he would not soon forget!                                                                        JMD


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