My Teenage Terror

What a draining weekend! I have my Teenager, Shannon, who I’ve spoken of before. She is just my everything. Well, her, and my other baby, Danielle. Yes, I know they aren’t babies, but in my head, they’ll always be my babies.

Shannon 13 mos.

So, this weekend was filled with cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes, more cooking, mopping, more dishes….you get the drift, it’s a never ending cycle! My Husband was away at a Christian Mens Retreat, so it does make things a lot easier to get done, with one less body in the house. All weekend, I broke my back, and with my condition, the pain was 10 fold!

I have very strong, close bonds with my babies! My oldest, Danielle, was just the easiest child to raise. I’m so proud of her. Shannon, on the other hand, not so easy. God bless her beautiful heart, but she puts up quite the independence fight. I like that she’s strong! I’ll take the blame, I’ve spoiled her rotten, against her Dad’s will. Now, I am paying for trying to get control with parental guidance.

Well, we just butted heads yesterday, and my energy was already expelled. It’s kind of funny how my Husband has to mediate sometimes, but it also breaks my heart. I have to take parental control, but I don’t want my baby to be upset. Dear God, I have issues! I always end up crying, because I want my girls to be happy, even at my cost. But, I have to take on being a responsible parent.

I am so grateful that my eldest daughter Danielle, lives in the apartment upstairs. She’s the best big sister, and such a wonderful daughter. I am bringing this up, because Shannon walked out on me, to go to her sisters. Thank goodness, a place of separation and a chance to cool down. Danielle is neutral which works perfectly for the balance of our family! Have I mentioned enough already, how wonderful Danielle is?

To end the story, Danielle gave Shannon a few encouraging suggestions, as Shannon was coming back home. Kudos Danielle, Shannon and I both hugged it out, spoke our feelings, and are back to normal. How’s that for a happy ending?


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