I’ve heard a lot of people slam Facebook, saying things like ‘finding old friends is just a waste of time’, ‘They’re not really FRIENDS’…ect…I guess I got lucky on Facebook. I’ve conversed with many that I hadn’t in My SunshineHigh school. Very meaningful conversations too. Lot’s of support. You know how you find your soul-mate when you get married? Well, through Facebook, I found a soul mate friend!

I’ve found many friends through Facebook, but there is just one that was meant to be. I know it sounds mushy and corny, but I truly love this friend that I haven’t seen since I was about 12. I can’t remember how we exactly found each other, but I do know what a tremendous connection we made.

It was nothing forced, it just came to be. She bought such light into my life, just through posts and e-mails. I would trust this person with my life. WHAT? Someone I haven’t seen in a million years? Trust and Love? My answer is most definitely YES.

I know it may be hard for some to digest, but it is my truth. I would have never expected something so wonderful. I would question if it was even possible for me, but she is my Sunshine. On any day, she’s with me through my happiness and turmoil. Everyday, I am with her through her happiness and turmoil. We just have a heaven sent bond. It happened naturally, and I welcomed that bond with open arms.

All through a social network. Doesn’t sound real, but it is. It’s part of my truths revealed.


2 comments on “Facebook

  1. Like, like, like! Thank you, and I feel the same way about you, Sunshine! I remember the day we became “friends,” and talking to you just seemed so natural from the start. So grateful to have found you again!!!

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