I Was A Cat Lady

I have always been a huge animal lover. When I was young, we had the family pet dog, and even a cat. Animals were not for our home, due to my Father’s bad allergies. The cat came to be, because my Father fell in love with it, and decided to suffer the consequences. Those were family pets. I really didn’t have my own connection, so I had rodent animals, which I loved dearly.

When I met my Husband, I finally got to get my own dog. Any kind I wanted, except a Pug. For some reason he can’t stand Pugs. I, on the other hand, think they’re adorable. My Husband also despised cats, he also suffers with bad allergies, so a cat was just out of the question. My choice for a dog, was a 8wk old Miniature Pincer. She was also a runt, so she was even smaller than the average Pincer. She fit in the palm of our hands, and became my baby. Guess what I named her? Baby! Loved her all her 16 yrs, and she was loyal to ME.

When we moved to a farmhouse in Minnesota, that’s when we got our first cat. Being such an animal lover, there was a feral cat that we slowly made friends with. It took a couple of years. In the meantime, my Husband was always out doing some kind of project, and I guess for a couple days, he heard tiny cries of a kitten. My Husband does have a heart! He grabbed our youngest daughter, and had her climb over a heap of junk and boarding, to get to an old fashioned tall milk can. Inside was a tiny, black kitten, hungry for it’s mommy’s milk. My husband didn’t want to see a defenseless animal die a tragic death.

Scout & Binky(Binky on right has been adopted)

Inside came kitty. We got the evaporated milk and a eye dropper, and started feeding the tiny fur ball of cuteness. My Husband had only one rule, we had to find the kitten a home. My parents were coming out to visit for Christmas, and was interested in taking the cat. My Mom named the new addition, Abby. When Christmas rolled around, Abby was already weaned, and ready for a trip to Illinois. My Mom changed her mind, and we also learned that Abby was vicious to strangers. By that time, all us girls were in love with Abby, and even though he wanted to deny it, my Husband had some affection towards her, also.

If you have ever lived on a farm, you know feral cats are a dime a dozen. After 8 yrs, I had quite the collection of cats. In all seriousness, I became a hoarder. I loved them all, and felt the responsibility to care for them. That’s what they grew accustomed to. I did get in touch with my local Humane Society, and told them of my troubles. All the cats were spayed/neutered, had all there shots, and were ready for adoption. It wasn’t a fast process, as I had to wait for openings at a NO-KILL shelter. When I was moving, the process was stepped up. If I would have left them behind, I KNEW the land lord would kill them.

I still have my cats that I had to pick. I cry to this day thinking of all the cats and their friendliness, and loyalty, but I know they are in good homes. And the ones I have now, I remind them they were chosen, when they are being bad. I see strays, but I can’t let myself get in that position again. Trust me, Shannon is always finding something that needs a loving home.

I am thankful for the cats that I still have. And the old lady Abby is still with us. The ironic part about Abby, is that my Husband adores her. He adores the others, but Abby can do no wrong! I would like to strongly suggest that if you are in the market looking for a pet, PLEASE ADOPT! These animals will show you such loyalty! And, they all need love. WE all need love.

Abby Today


2 comments on “I Was A Cat Lady

  1. What a wonderful story! I too am an animal lover and grew up animals. But now that I am an adult I have three beautiful cats, and two precious dogs. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

    Del Percente

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