A Prayer To The Victims

I just wanted to take a little time out of my normal routine, to acknowledge the victims of these horrific storms that have taken place down South. I have set forth to you, a moment of silence and prayer. May God bless you, and watch over you, as you recover from your time of despair. May the communities come together in unity with one another, and rebuild shelter and a prosperous life, as the Lord guides you. Best of wishes to you all, you have not been forgotten. Bless the men and women of the Red Cross, paramedics, law enforcement, doctors, friends, neighbors, and even the stranger’s stepping up in the time of need. Amen.


Bald Head Art

I so love this website! Here is a link to some crazy bald heads! I wonder if tattoos on your head hurt? I do know that some people have hair tattooed on their head instead of having hair plugs! Enjoy, this is crazy and wild!

mind junker image

Mind Blowing Bald Head Art | Mind Junker.