Can’t Let Go

I was reading 365 Trinkets, a WordPress site I am following, and couldn’t help but to see myself in it! I tend to hang onto things, because I attach sentiments and memories to them. Almost as if this tangible object has feelings. I can’t throw this out, it would be

My Teddy from when I was born!

throwing out my mother’s love, that kind of thing. The items I have, hold such memories it makes them special. You don’t throw out special things, do you? I will always be this way. I’m just extremely sensitive. I can say though, I can see the humor in it that others might see, in putting sentiment into tangible items!


58 OMG Facts

This is some light offbeat facts that I find entertaining. Some pretty funny, some really interesting. Go check it out on the link on bottom!

58 OMG Facts | Mind Junker.