I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking, don’t get scared yet, about the situation I’m in with chronic pain. I take so many pills, that the average person would be in a drug induced coma. I don’t like the fact that I have to rely on these pills, just to be able to bare with the pain I have. So far, prayer hasn’t worked, but I haven’t given up. I have Chronic Kidney Disease, also, so this medication isn’t the greatest on my system.      Image

So, this is what has been twirling around my head for quite some time now. Medication marijuana. I am not a stranger to marijuana, it was my drug of choice for many years. So, now the debate is up for my state, Minnesota. The law has not passed to legalize the drug for medical purposes.

I am also not a stranger to the pros and cons to marijuana. Back in college, for my philosophy class, my thesis was whether marijuana should be legalized. Of course lots of research went into my paper, back when computers were not an option. Many books checked out and lugged around. Maybe one reason for my back problems. Just a little humor, but you never know. There was so much evidence of the medicinal properties of marijuana, dating back to ancient times. I could not find bad news on such a wonderful medicine. I received an A+ on that paper, hope my teacher wasn’t smoking! A little more humor! My teacher was superb!

Not to long ago, I tried a little and it really helped. My position is, I can’t afford it, and it’s illegal. Hence, I do not use marijuana to relieve my pain and depression. If it was legalized, I would surrender all my pain pills, including morphine, for medicinal marijuana, no questions asked. Until then, I poison my body on a regular basis with prescriptions written to help me bare with the pain I’ve been struck with.

In some way, I feel the drug companies would not want this. Other drugs would not be needed, and that means losing money. However, the government could stand to make a hefty profit. One last note. Are you aware that most politicians hold the stock in pharmaceuticals? What are some of your thoughts. Please, nothing about the younger kids, they can get what they want when they want it. Just saying.


8 comments on “I’ve Been Thinking

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  3. Hey Joann
    Its June from way back. I just talked to Alison the other day and she said you are having some health issues as am I. We should talk and you know as they say misery loves company. Maybe we can in some way help eachother ?!?! Who knows but its totally up to you. I would love to hear from you anyway! I will leave it up to you though. BTW: 2 things, love your Blog and also am a reality fan!! Take care of yourself and email me if ya want to!

    • Oh June, That would be so awesome! Glad you visited my blog! I have severe fibromyalgia. It really sucks, I can’t do a whole lot for a long time, and if you read some other posts, you will see I’m weening off my pain killers at this time. I have so many different diseases it isn’t funny. So far, None terminal, but PAINFUL!!!!
      It would be an honor to be able to chat with you! If you talk to Al soon, tell her I said thank you, for connecting us! 🙂 I will e-mail on FB! With Number!

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  6. I think a lot about this. I couldn’t be dishonest with my kids. I told them exactly where I stand on this. I don’t like them using it. But I think it should be legalized. I also am afraid that it puts law-enforcement in a tough spot, because intoxicated drivers can’t be tested to tell if they are currently stoned; (regular tests only tell if they’ve ingested it in the past few weeks). My pro-legalization stance doesn’t extend to intoxicated driving.

    My big fear is, that it is so widespread, among the teenagers, that something’s going to happen to my kids, even if they don’t use it. They have not lost any friends, but they have lost classmates. (we’re right on the border of it, south of our county is influenced by the LA mexican gangs who sell pot, and north county is influenced by the white-supremicist whackos who cook meth; which I’m completely not in favor of legalizing).

    But I don’t think MJ’s ever going to become legal. We legalized it (sort of) in California. But the federal government still shuts down the business. The Obama administration instituted a policy of setting up a special national website discussion board to ask Americans what policies were important to them. The #1 policy suggestion was repeal of marijuana prohibition. Officials dismissed this as a fluke; saying that the web board must have been taken over by a special-interest group. The Obama administration went on to increase unconstitutional federal crackdowns on LEGAL medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California.

    So while we have a majority that favors legalization – I think it’s going to take a large plurality to overcome the power of our corrupt national government. And a complete overhaul of our system of government. (like it or not).

    The root of the problem (and a whole wide range of other problems) is where our politicians get their money from, and I think that THIS is what must be made illegal. They should not be allowed to hold stock or stakes in companies, or vote on issues where they have these kinds of conflicts of interest. It’s just common sense.

    My wife also suffers from chronic pain, from back problems, so I have some idea. She can’t use that medication, of course, because she would be tested at work, and they would fire her if she tested positive. (same goes for me). But she takes a prescription medication, and struggles with the side effects from that. She has found that yoga has helped her, as well, though it has been a long uphill battle. I pray that you’re able to find some beneficial relief for this.

    • You are such a wise friend! My brother’s keep wanting me to move to Montana. There it is legal if you get a medical card. I like you and many, do not want to take a risk of breaking the law. But I can, very easily. I just wish the real research was put forth for people to understand. I’ve also explained with my kid’s. My thought to them is to not pass judgement on the friend or friends, but to say, ‘No thanks, I don’t smoke’. As I have said before, the kids are going to do it any way. And, adults have to be responsible, just as they are if they drink, they should not drive. If my meds put me in a state of danger to drive, it would be my responsibility to not drive. They can still pull you over for DUI. Alcohol isn’t the only culprit that will get you arrested. Thanks for commenting! I really respect what you have to say!

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