He’s gonna get you,

He’s gonna get you!Image from

Too late to be scared,

He does not care.

Now you’re confused,

Too late the evil has fused.

The signs of light were there,

I guess you didn’t care.

He’s gonna get you,

Better save yourself.

Don’t stay alone,

Grab those words of light,

And be your own.

Goodbye devil, Goodbye evil,

Hello world, it’s time to heal!



2 comments on “Afraid

  1. Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    Hey I know this clown, he’s from my most favorite book by Stephen King, “It”. I can remember not wanting to put the book down. When my mom said, “Lights out!,” I would wait about ten minutes and pull out my flashlight and read this book under the covers. LOL! Aaahhh, the memories.

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