Exotic pets cont….

This is one of the Tarantulas I purchased. I purchased mine as spiderlings, I don’t believe that is the correct term, but they were the size of a quarter. The picture I am going to post is of my Cobalt Blue in full grown form. Enjoy its beauty!


Creative Wild Furniture

There are so many forms of Art in this world. Some, a lot of people might miss. This furniture is really creative art. I know my husband would like a table or something, but really it is of a quite particular taste. Great Art though. Check out the link below the photo, to see some amazing furniture art!

Creative Wild Furniture | Mind Junker.

This Lady Is Addicted To Drinking Her Own Urine

I must say, I find this quite disturbing. Some may have already seen it on television, but for you who haven’t, and ACTUALLY want to check out this quirky woman, I’ve provided the link below the beautiful photo!

WTF/BuzzFeed Image

This Lady Is Addicted To Drinking Her Own Urine.

What If?

I want to be accepted,

My quirks,and dreams and all.

I’ve mostly felt rejected,

For things I’ve done and saw.

If your Karma’s good,so should be life.

I think I’m nice and kind, a small dash of mean.

I though I had good Karma, Yet my life is filled with strife.

All I’ve ever wanted was kindness to live my dream.

It hasn’t been all been bad things,

I’ve accomplished things to be proud,

But sometimes the sadness of lost feelings,

Puts my head in the greyest of clouds.

Right now I am a Mother,

And also I’m a Wife.

Right now I am responsible,

And this defines my life.

Sometimes I wish to be a Martyr,

And go back into time,

And live life so much smarter,

And keep my desires mine.

Treating good guys better,

Ridding men who were bad,

Then I would not fretter,

Of the good guys I made sad.

Sometimes I do wonder,

What if I had stayed?

With the man who loved me,

For who I was that day.

If I would have did that,

Things that are, wouldn’t be,

And then life would be different,

As well as things I see.

To all the one’s who loved me,

My heart is still with you.

I’m glad your family is happy,

My love to that is true.

I love my darling girls,

And my Husband too,

If I did things different,

I wouldn’t have all of you!