Sick and Tired

Where is this sickness coming from?

It makes me sad and takes away all my fun!

I want to run with the wind and sun on my face,

I want to get out of cars with much more grace!

Way to many pills, it’s just like a poison veil,

My organs inside attacked, will slowly rot and fail!

What I have to say, some will disagree.I'm Sick

Give me some pot and take my pills, and set my body free!

Let me have this break Minnesota, before i exscape to Montana,

It’s silly to think I may take worse drugs, for what? There is no nirvana!

A person I know has also said, the pills I take will kill me dead.

There is no doubt I want to be free, and will not fail,

But I’m afraid my minds decision could land me in jail.

So what do I do? I have too much pain, to do without one or the other.

If I choose what I want, someone could blow my cover.

So I sit here, slowly poisoning my body with pills that make politicians money.Medicinal Help

Let me have my rights and free will,

And dammit politicians PASS THAT BILL!


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