Once Upon A Time..Exotic Pets 4

To continue on with our collection of tarantulas, this next one was mine. A Tiger Rump. Although mine was still only the size of a 1/2 dollar, the image I’m posting is a full grown Tiger Rump.

Since my spiders were still so small, I held them a lot, so that as they grew, they would be used to handling!


Some Music For My Ears

Some music for my ears and maybe yours. Some Korn! This version of ‘Alone I Break‘ is live, and a much more mellow version of the official video. Either way, I love It! I hope you will enjoy!

Hilarious Babies To Rock Your Day (40 Pics)

Here’s some great photos of babies that will put a smile on your face! Click the link below the picture to see all the fabulous pics, to brighten your day!

Mind Junkers/Mala

Hilarious Babies To Rock Your Day (40 Pics) | Mind Junker.