Korn : Love song

I know this song might seem a bit rough, but this is like a soundtrack for myself! The words are really something, and have a lot of meaning to me. This is my all time Korn song!


From Sand To Art

Okay,Okay…I’m in an artsy mood today. These photos are absolutely incredible sand sculptures! Not yummy, unless that is, you like eating sand. As usual, to see all these incredible sculptures, click link below photo! Happy linking!

Mind Junkers Image

From Sand To Art: Inspirational Sculptures Art | Mind Junker.

How ‘Bout A Sandwich?

I’m always blogging on incredible cakes…yummy! Well I found something else yummy and incredibly artistic! Sandwiches! Clink link below photo to view all the incredible art sandwiches! It’ll make you hungry! Enjoy!

Mind Junkers Image

35 Pictures of Mind Killing Sandwich Art | Mind Junker.

The More The Merrier

An awesome band looking to play in the Battle of the Bands 2012! Please click the link below and vote for The More The Merrier! Sound clip for you to listen also. Please my followers, let’s VOTE for this band! Many thanks! Come on people, let’s rock this vote!! Are ya with me?????


Battle of the Bands – TheMoreTheMerrier.