My Progress : Stage 2

Okay, completely off pain pills, even Ibuprofen. I want to remind you I still take Lyrica,specifically made for for Fibromyalgia, and, non-narcotic. That may be one reason I weaned so incredibly fast. Now, stage 2 is here.Me, Myself and I

I’m extremely depressed, constant headache, muscle spasms, and loose stools. All loss of appetite, except my coffee. Extremely so, so drained and tired. Anger issues with the ones I live with, especially my husband. He is aware, and I’ve explained what I’m going through, might be magnifying my condition. However, I am making a big change in my life, your either with me, or face the consequences. I refuse to be suckered anymore.

This is absolutely crucial. My oldest, married daughter just lost her plug. It won’t be long before my grandchild is here. I refuse to not give in to a stale life at 44. I want to enjoy life. I still have huge back issues, so I know I will still need to bring my wheelchair on walks. I’m not going to look at the people outside, and wish I could do what they’re doing. No I’m going to be participating in. Maybe not as active, but my presence will be known.

This post may sound a little more angry than usual, but if I don’t get angry, I lose the control that is my own. Pain sucks, but I refuse to be a prisoner to pills. I’ve always been very tough, and that toughness is returning! It’s my Illinois toughness. Forget this  little hick town! Most people here have never even left the state ever.

Bear with me, I’ll become nicer in time. I just really need to be tough on myself, and my surroundings! God bless you all! My WordPress site is a big form of therapy for me. It let’s me vent, get that poison out of me. It’ll get better. I knew this wouldn’t happen overnight. I wonder what stage 3 will be.

Any one want to vent? Go ahead, leave a reply! I’ll let you vent here. It good to get it out!


3 comments on “My Progress : Stage 2

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  2. Good for you! Get it out! Vent! You just made a huge change in your life! I am cheering you on, #1 fan, hoping you will feel better very soon. Can’t imagine how tough this must be, but yes — your Illinois toughness will prevail.

    Praying for good health for you Sunshine, and for your beautiful little grandbaby to arrive soon, and healthy! 🙂

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