But Wait……


sandman (Photo credit: ForestMind)

Ahhhhh, yesterday was so productive! What happened?!!! I’m so tired today! I think I did too much yesterday…..vacuuming was today. I took a nap, and am ready for yet, another. I don’t like Mr. Sandman! Doesn’t he know that his job is tonight? Why must he incessantly pick on me! I’d like to sprinkle some vacuum cleaner dust in his face! Maybe then he’ll leave me alone.

You do know that the Sandman has acquired the taste for strong instant coffee, right? Every day I drink it, just so he’ll leave me alone! But, no, he decided to like coffee too. I would think with all his energy, maybe he’ll vacuum for me? No, he’s not nice, at least not at this particular time! When night-time falls, guess what he does? He leaves me awake, goes to work sending the tired into slumbered dreams, and doesn’t come home all night!

I need to put him in his place when I catch him, the sneaky little bastard! He does the same things to my animals, too! Makes them sleepy all day, and leaves when they’re wide awake! He must be a dog lover, because all dogs know when it’s time to go to sleep.

Mr.Sandman, send me some dreams, and let’s do this at an appropriate time, okay? I don’t want to have to get all up in your face, when I catch you! I have words to write, and things to do, and you are very much getting in my way! What, did you update your fairy dust, to a odorless, gas? To get to more people? Trying to be efficient in your job? I know, you must own stock in a drug company that supplies sleeping pills! I’m on to you, you little trickster!

I’m up and writing right now, Mr. Sandman! Stay away until, eleven or so. That’s P.M. by the way! And I’m running on Central Time Zone! Got it? Now, let’s get with the program!

Now here’s a little diddy for you Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live! performing Karn Evil!


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