My Sunshine

I often talk about this one particular person, I call Sunshine! I met her in grammar school, and we became friends. The connection was lost for quite some time. We hung out with different crowds, and just seemed to drift apart.

After having no internet for 7+ years, I was finally able to use it, and I found Facebook. From there I started my quest, looking up old friends I had lost contact with. I did move out of state, but when I was still in Illinois, there was no contact either. I had graduated from Glenbard South High School, 6 months early. I had all the credits I needed to graduate, and figured I start junior college early. To my utmost regret, I did not attend my graduation! I had just disappeared one day, and that was that.

I came in contact with My Sunshine, and we immediately had this connection. It was truly inspirational. I nick-named her Sunshine, because that is what she bought into my life, and continues to do so! She is a beautiful wife, mother, and friend, forever!

God blessed me when I found her! So, my Sunshine she is! I love her, and wish we didn’t live so far away from each other! She is such a warm, kind, inspiration to me. I love you, Sunshine! Thank you for being so wonderful!


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