Spider on web.

Spider on web. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know this man, I call him Spider. He’s just like a spider. First, he creates a magnificent web, to catch unsuspecting life. The life struggles, yet gets tangled even more. Next he jumps, and he bites! Stunning the life into submission. Then he wraps a nice silk wrapper around his sacrifice. He’s not quite done with you, he’ll come back later. He’ll devour you from the inside out, at his pleasure.

His cravings have been satisfied. He preyed, he caught, and devoured life. He must, he’s hungry. Tricky he has to be, to satisfy his needs. Some escape his web, the lucky ones? Some aren’t as strong. Some don’t have the time to realize they’ve become caught.

Obviously, this is his nature. He was born with it. Learned his innate will to survive, thus having to drain life from his unsuspecting victims. Do I know Spider well? I’m not sure yet, I struggled out of his magnificent web.


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