Conflicting Thoughts

A penny for your thoughts...Dollars for your t...

A penny for your thoughts...Dollars for your thoughts - NARA - 513735 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • I seem to have this problem. I can look at the pro’s and con’s of everything. Thus leaving me with conflicting thoughts. Thoughts such as : I’m doing this, when I should be doing that.
  • The dishes aren’t going to magically be cleaned by your family.Get it done!
  • Oh, you’re always hurting, shut up, already! Bite the bullet, and get on with it.
  • Family ” You want us to do WHAT?” You know your going to do it yourself.

These things run through my head quite a bit. It exhausts me, especially during a flare up, that can last weeks. However, it’s taking weeks, because I’m unable to recover myself. It’s fine tuned in my head, that these are my duties. Duties I vowed to uphold when I became a mother and a wife.

I didn’t plan on receiving my syndrome at such a young age. I feel that 36 is much too young to start feeling 80. I hauled butt all my life. Abuse my body, I did. I often wonder if my eating disorder, had made me sick.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


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