Stand Up

Stand up all my beautiful followers. Be brave. Express yourself. What I am really trying to say, is don’t let anybody keep you down. Feel your spirit. Feel your freedom. I’m from the U.S.A, and i believe in the freedom of speech. Don’t be silenced! Have free will. It was given as a gift.

freedom of speech in west

freedom of speech in west (Photo credit: iranian cartoonist)

If someone doesn’t like something, they don’t have to listen. Choice. It’s an extremely special privilege! Use it. They will try to take it away! Grasp it now, and hold on tight, don’t let it go! That’s why I posted no excuses. I have a voice and the freedom of speech! I’m going to grasp on to that privilege even harder! Why? It set’s me FREE!

Free therapy everyone! Speak up, you have that choice. Agree, disagree, it’s your freedom!


6 comments on “Stand Up

      • thank u, i hate saying it as an adult, but i need someone to be proud of me. it is a much lonlier world without my parents in it any longer. taking care of my brother can be a real challenge. i try to make a funny out of what he does when i can, but it is a long haul. i gain courage from the support of my friends, and you here at wordpress. thank u so much

      • I get it sweetie. That’s a very kind but exhausting task you have at hand. And you are very loving and compassionate. I’m glad that I’ve made you feel better! The world can be a very lonely place. I love WordPress because of it! 🙂

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