I must admit I’ve had the most wonderful day today! Mustered up energy, wasn’t too hard to do, and helped with my beautiful Elliana! My Daughter lives in the apartment above me. I had lots of activity walking up and down stairs, and walking through long hallways. I just love my grandchild so much! Today, she just intently explored my face as I was speaking to her. It was a fabulous feeling! Really, she is such a good baby, but her mommy needed to get some chores done. I thanked my daughter, not only for the gift of Elliana, but the gift of enthused exercise.Danielle and Elliana!

I managed to get most the dishes done, and the floor swept in my place. Still not hurting in an unbearable pain. I know I will pay for this later, But, It was all worth it! When dealing with my ailments, days like today, make things so much brighter. I’m happy, in a good mood, and my spirits have been lifted.

Hope you all are doing well!


9 comments on “Wonderful

    • Well of course. I have raised a beautiful, compassionate daughter, who just gave this family such a precious gift. And Ellianna too, will be just as beautiful as her parents! šŸ™‚

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