Fickr Photo Magnus Anfinesonflickr

Sometimes I have a taste of bitterness.

Under my breath I hide the horrid taste.

Instead, I believe I taste a true test.

No emotion worth the time, is just a waste.

Run off my shoulders and fall beneath my feet.

My energy is not tolerant to give to hate.

Rid my mind of burdens that make me weep.

I deliver myself to my most trusted fate.

Make sure you make your unconditional love known.

So lovely to experience the ever long feeling.

Do this and look back, and see how you’ve grown.

You will receive it back, no need for stealing.

Energy flow must be a positive source to nourish.

Keep it good and wrap your will within.

Negative flow will not permit you to flourish.

Lighten your burden so you may start to grin.

Kick the bad shit right out your door.

Allow your goodness to rush in.

Don’t let the shit become your chore.

Stay positive and you will thrive within.

and now a video from Korn : Let the Guilt Go (mature content)


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