Oh My

Today I was told I am not a professional writer. By all means, I am not. My intentions here, are to solely create a blog page, that suits me. I don’t follow the rules of writing. I just write. Hope you like it, and if you don’t, that’s okay too. I won’t change this. I am not looking for fame, or envy, but an escape from the ordinary.

I often choose to express some emotions through music videos, my poetry (my way), and some experiences I’ve had. There are many beautiful artists out there that I admire. I do not earn a living on writing anything. It is just my heart and my soul, that I choose to share.

I thank my followers that like what I blog. It does mean a great deal when you believe more people understand you, than you thought. I don’t have a high-tech computer, or lavish electronics to make any kind of living, if I truly wanted too. So, I’m not professional, I’m just plain old me. A place to express myself without restrictions.

Some of my photos aren’t the best. My camera is 10 years old, and I do not have plans to buy another. My computer, or shall I say, miniature lap top, is all I have. No CD burners, no place to even put a disc. So you see, I’m just another blogger, sharing my thoughts.


25 comments on “Oh My

  1. I enjoy your writing very much and I’m glad to be able to read you. That person was probably just feeling down on themselves, or didn’t word things correctly. This was a nice post and you are a sweet girl πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sorry, Joey. I think sometimes people, like you said, try to help someone out by being “constructive,” and they just don’t realize they are hurting someone’s feelings. Keep it up, don’t let it get you down. The internet is a tough crowd!!! Like I’ve told you before, I am sometimes hesitant to post a comment in my local newspaper online, because people tend to rip other commenters to shreds! I think it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there, and I am very proud of you!

    Sunshine ❀ ❀

  3. I think people who are so quick to point out that you aren’t a writer are trying to convince themselves that they ARE a writer…very small-minded and silly. Just shrug that nonsense off!! Even REAL writers had to start somewhere!!

  4. I feel sad for you because the comment seems to have hurt you a little. You must not let it stop you from doing this blog. We all express ourselves in ways that work for us and I always have seen blogging as a way to have a say about your life without people being weird about whether we are ‘professionals’s or not. Ihave just started a blog – http://fabandfifty.wordpress.com/ – about being happily single and someone emailed me to say I better be careful that I didn’t come across as a man-hater. Good Grief!! Your blog is wonderful so keep going. Love and Hugs.

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