Fork In My Path

Lately, I’ve come upon many forks in the pathway of my life. I’ll be cruising along, peacefully, when I find myself pondering, which way do I go? Right or left, which way do I go. Maybe the answer should always be right, because it is appearing to be the ‘right’ way to continue on my journey.

Curiosity, sometimes turns me, in the direction of the left. I continue cautiously, observing my surroundings, feeling the vibe running through my mind. Everything seems to be just fine, until the darkness starts to settle upon my lonesome being. I try to be brave, but something is not well with this path. Light is fading quickly. I start to acquire the feeling of being prey in a very imminent position! I high tail it back to where the light is bright and welcoming.

Scary to choose the wrong path in life. I’m glad I have my light!



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