Yesterday’s post got me thinking. Is the honesty I’m sharing too much? Should there be things I just keep to myself? Could this be an embarrassment to my family? Is the eye in the sky,(government), keeping tabs on what I write? Who is assessing my information? Do I care?

Yes, I do care. If I am one thing, it’s honest. I’m very bad at lying. I feel it’s written all over my face, that’s one reason I don’t lie. Even though you can’t see my face as I type on this laptop, it’s not in my heart to lie. You were right Terry, it was a very emotional post. Things I did, that I’m not to proud of, but made me into a better person. Taught me compassion, truth, and how to proceed with life, even though there is a new lesson everyday.

Today I am just feeling really down, and trying to re-group myself. My family does not know about my page, and they all refuse Facebook, because they want to remain private. I don’t understand why I am so open to share. Frankly, I’m starting to question if I should be so open with the public. Skeleton’s in my closet? I want to rid them. I don’t allow them to haunt me, at least I try not to. So, by writing about them, they disappear. Well kind of. They are just released.

There are many that will pass judgement on me, I know. I don’t believe I have the right to judge anyone, that’s not my job here on earth. Now, I’m in this funk, wondering if I share too much…….

Please enjoy this tune by Van Halen with David Lee Roth in Me Wise Magic:


13 comments on “Down

  1. Joann, what you choose to share is really up to you. I would never judge based on anything you write. As a matter of fact, it shows me how genuine you are as a person. I know I can accept your word with confidence. If your family has a problem then you might need to reconsider but otherwise, right on sister! We’re all in this together! Hugs and much love to you. I hope you’ll feel better soon… XOXO

  2. as you know i share everything. i look at it like this. i need support from people who are kind. i can not please everyone, so why try? i have nothing to hide, i am ot a wanted person. if i cant b who i truly am, then why bother living………just my thoughts for you to munch on………………love having u for a friend!

    • Thank you Terry, you are so right. I don’t know why I doubt myself sometimes. It was a really emotional post yesterday, and it hit me hard today. Thank you for your advice, I’m gonna take it! I love having you as a friend also! All the comments I have received have made me feel better! I thank all of you for the warm thoughts! 😉

  3. We ALL sin, and I admire anyone who is honest about their past. You are a good person with a huge heart. And it’s not like your blog has your name, address, social security number on it! If it makes you feel good, is therapeutic, I say GO FOR IT, Sunshine! I will keep following, my friend . . .

  4. Please remember that we are here for you to help you get through your time of need!…….we are not here to judge you! Those that judge need to look in the mirror and start judging themselves!! I always feel like I say too much too but we do that so we can vent and feel better about our situations. Don’t feel bad at all its human nature to talk about whats going on in our lives. Stay positive try to smile and think good thoughts. It makes you feel better, believe me LIFE IS GOOD when you let it be! Hugs to you!!!! I will keep you in mt thoughts and prayers! xoxoxoxoxo

    • Thank you so much! It’s been a hard day for me, emotionally. Thank you for not judging me. I have learned some real hard lessons, but I truly wonder what others think. My husband always says I shouldn’t care what other people think of me, but I do. Thanks for your support. It does make me feel better!xoxoxoxoxo

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