Amidst the Night

A vampire lurks amidst the night

I feel the seasoned ominous bite

Fiery breath upon my neck, I’m in despair

As I lay on my back in wretched fear

Slowly released from this grip

Flailing arms and legs I kick

Leering into my eyes so hypnotizing

Body so somber, it is mesmerizing

Am I alive? Or, am I dead?

Dreadful thoughts embrace my head

Quickly and impudently, illusions seemingly disappear

Distressing pain within my neck, engaging me to be aware

Droplets of blood painting my fingers

The shadow in the night appears to linger

Grasping my neck, I sit upright

Hearts beats fast and chest is tight

Catching my breath and hunting around

No shadows, sights, or a single sound

Till the next visit, vampire amidst the night

Conscious I will be, impending your bite

Be cognizant, you remorseless soul

For a wooden stake I will bestow

With one deep plunge, I will slay

You, the hunter, are now my prey



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