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As you can see, I am on the net. Whoo- Hoo! Don’t have much time, so I have to share a poem based on my true story. It is written simply, no scholarly attempt to complicate the message I have for all. I Hope you all feel this in your hearts!



Words spoken to my ears,

Bringing anger, sadness and torrential tears.

Anger burst, my heart, was now pierced,

A blow most shattering, cruel and fierce.

Blades and pills ran amuck in my mood,

The devil telling me my worth was no good.

Painful tugs in hearts and souls,

Hurtful words to break my goal.

I prayed, my Lord, To forgive my urge,

I prayed to Jesus, to help me purge.

Lonely, unwanted, the darkest of time,

The Devil still clinging so hard to my mind.

A knock at the door, I welcomed in desperation,

A kind Christian heart to explain my salvation.

The Lord had spoken, for him to come to me,

My God heard my prayers, thus lifting me.

The Devil was gone, he had lost his fight,

My Savior made known his presence that night.

Surrounding my heart, came the calm, so deep,

The Lord had granted me unburdened  sleep.



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Alone, I sit and think of nice things. Comforting moments and beautiful people. Emotions of happiness this does bring.   I’m at peace foe awhile. Emotions are flowing. Brings to my face, a shining bright smile.   I hope that … Continue reading

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Fibro Fog


ibuprofen (Photo credit: cncphotos)

A mist clouds my brain.

I rub my eyes

I’m feeling the pain.

My body is aching.

I notice this

Again it is breaking.

Limbs are taking me over.

A flare-up again

I am the Queen Pain loather.

I gave in to Ibuprofen.

Destroy kidneys some more

It happens way too often.

Keep rubbing out the pain.

I do that a lot

Feels good but is back again.

Fibromyalgia! It sucks to know you.

Just keeps on abusing me

You’re brutal! It makes me blue.

I’m Not Sad

A tear rolls down my cheek

I’m not sad

No more my life feels bleak.

Many comforts engulf my mind

I’m not sad

True love is hard to find.

I found that love emotion

I’m not sad

It spills upon me like the ocean.

Worlds I have found amiss

I’m not sad

I’m submerged in bliss.

Many great things I explore

I’m not sad

My mind wraps around my core.

I’ve hit a milestone incredibly

I’m not sad

I’m happy for it idebtedly!

Sick and Tired

Where is this sickness coming from?

It makes me sad and takes away all my fun!

I want to run with the wind and sun on my face,

I want to get out of cars with much more grace!

Way to many pills, it’s just like a poison veil,

My organs inside attacked, will slowly rot and fail!

What I have to say, some will disagree.I'm Sick

Give me some pot and take my pills, and set my body free!

Let me have this break Minnesota, before i exscape to Montana,

It’s silly to think I may take worse drugs, for what? There is no nirvana!

A person I know has also said, the pills I take will kill me dead.

There is no doubt I want to be free, and will not fail,

But I’m afraid my minds decision could land me in jail.

So what do I do? I have too much pain, to do without one or the other.

If I choose what I want, someone could blow my cover.

So I sit here, slowly poisoning my body with pills that make politicians money.Medicinal Help

Let me have my rights and free will,

And dammit politicians PASS THAT BILL!

What If?

I want to be accepted,

My quirks,and dreams and all.

I’ve mostly felt rejected,

For things I’ve done and saw.

If your Karma’s good,so should be life.

I think I’m nice and kind, a small dash of mean.

I though I had good Karma, Yet my life is filled with strife.

All I’ve ever wanted was kindness to live my dream.

It hasn’t been all been bad things,

I’ve accomplished things to be proud,

But sometimes the sadness of lost feelings,

Puts my head in the greyest of clouds.

Right now I am a Mother,

And also I’m a Wife.

Right now I am responsible,

And this defines my life.

Sometimes I wish to be a Martyr,

And go back into time,

And live life so much smarter,

And keep my desires mine.

Treating good guys better,

Ridding men who were bad,

Then I would not fretter,

Of the good guys I made sad.

Sometimes I do wonder,

What if I had stayed?

With the man who loved me,

For who I was that day.

If I would have did that,

Things that are, wouldn’t be,

And then life would be different,

As well as things I see.

To all the one’s who loved me,

My heart is still with you.

I’m glad your family is happy,

My love to that is true.

I love my darling girls,

And my Husband too,

If I did things different,

I wouldn’t have all of you!


He’s gonna get you,

He’s gonna get you!Image from Guyism.com

Too late to be scared,

He does not care.

Now you’re confused,

Too late the evil has fused.

The signs of light were there,

I guess you didn’t care.

He’s gonna get you,

Better save yourself.

Don’t stay alone,

Grab those words of light,

And be your own.

Goodbye devil, Goodbye evil,

Hello world, it’s time to heal!



Your night is so restless,

He stirs up your dreams,

That evil dark monster,

Which silence your screams.

You’re at his mercy,

To quietly leave,

Hide under your blankets,

And try to deceive.

Your breath is too loud,

Your sweat makes you sick,

You silence your whimpers,

Thinking good thoughts to pick.

Time has stopped moving,

You’re drowning in black,

Maybe he left, or maybe he’s back.

Say your prayers quickly,

And silently too,

The monster might get you,

What should you do?