My Poetry : Dark and Light

Time of Sadness-My Poetry:

At this moment, I feel sole despair,

a time of sadness

Thoughts I fell unable to repair,

I can’t fight those negatives bound to me,

All I want is to be free,

The tears stream down my tired face,

I need so much a happy place,

I’ve committed myself to lifelong vows,

It’s not time yet to take a bow,

In the meantime, I hide how I feel,

I have to be strong, they believe I’m steel,

I have to fight to keep my strength,

In the end there will be some thanks,

Not from others, but to myself,

For leaning on God and sharing his wealth.



The night so calming, with all the lights off,

The fresh evening air wafts so gently and soft,

Soft glowing streetlights faintly break through the darkness,

Feelings of security strip the dark of its starkness,

I lay in my bed, comforting pillows and quilt,

Relaxing my mind, the harsh busy day wilts,

Humming from the fan breaks the motionless silence,

The television off, no excitement or violence,

The cats are curled up, snuggled close to keep warm,

All of us tucked in, as if preparing for storms,

Our eyes are all closed, and our breaths become slow,

Together in the darkness with the warm outside glow,

Minds are at peace and drifting to bliss,

Awakened in the morning by my little girls kiss.

For My Dearest Daughter Danielle      

Tiny hands and tiny toes,

Blue or Pink, we do not know,

My baby, my daughter, who’s all grown,

A marriage with husband, a life her own,

Her magical laughter and glowing face,

Are my precious visions, I won’t replace,

Her tummy grows some, every day,

Seeing her with child, lights my way,

My Son-In-Law, who I hold dear,

Cherishes my daughter with loving care,

I’m happy beyond words, I cannot say,

Soon will be my grandchild to light my day,

My daughter’s marriage with a love so dear,

Will bring to our hearts, a baby held near


Bold and strong, yet sometimes weak,

Happy, sad, and sometimes bleak,

Feelings in me come and go,

With every one, it makes me grow,

Sometimes days get really crappy,

Anger creeps in really slow,

Then my time gets really happy,

And to my anger, I say ‘NO’!,

Anger’s such an evil thing,

Don’t ever let it take you over,

If you do, you’ll become mean,

Find that evil and give it closure,

Thinking good thoughts, is so much nicer,

Many will come close to you,

Shed that cocoon and become a chrysler,

Grab your happiness and don’t be blue,

For those of you who cannot find,

The happiness you left behind,

Think of things with meaning to you,

You’ll find that happiness by being true.


Fading feelings come back to haunt me,

New feelings of sadness arise,

I want to change to the person I could be,

My mind, as it whispers, holds my demise,

Taking control of unwanted Demons,

Screaming at them to all go away,

Alone in the waves is a lonely sea-man,

Lost in destruction of powerful waves,

As a tear rolls down my old wise cheek,

It’s the power of solace that I do seek,

Clouded by hurdles down my winding path,

I stumble on most, afraid to look back,

The next hurdle’s here and I’m tired and weak,

It’s hard to snap out of the thoughts that are bleak,

So alone I sit without friends or comfort,

Alone I sit with my Demons of fate,

Alone I sit, lonely and hurt,

My heart is breaking to pieces of hate,

A child awaits my promising wisdom,

I sit and wonder what to possibly say,

An innocent young heart looking for freedom,

I must keep my Demons so far, far away.


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