Pretty Good!

idealized curves of human blood glucose and in...

idealized curves of human blood glucose and insulin concentrations during the course of a day containing three meals; in addition, effect of sugar-rich meal is highlighted; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After writing my ode, to my enemy, Fibromyalgia, I went to bed. The pain still stifling, I tossed and turned for about an hour. Then I was hungry, so I slithered out of my bed, and slowly made my way to the kitchen. Guess what? The husband was hungry too.

His choice is as follows : Bowl, ice cream, blackberries, more ice cream on top, a big sliced orange on the side. Diabetics (i almost wrote diabetics, the word Die in it), both my husband and I. Diabetics have to count carbohydrates, Not just sugars. Sugars are included in the carbohydrate Information. Choosing fruits is fine with moderation, but too much provides your body too many Carbs. He had about 80 carbs in that meal. I made the remark of how this is why MY Blood Sugars (A1C score, tells how much sugar is in your blood. Having sugar in your blood-flow, is like having tiny razors cutting through everything, in your system.

My choice is as follows: 3 Claussen pickle spears, and 2 oz of block, cheddar cheese. And one oz. of Sun_Chips. Now why on earth would MY blood sugars possibly better? The math, the quantity, the insulin bolus. I didn’t even take my bolus. My blood sugars this morning, 122, that’s perfect for me. Didn’t have to bolus to drink my coffee with sugar. My body will run on that. I know what your thinking, no wonder your sugars crash all the time. I just do not have an appetite.

This morning I woke up tired, and not suffering from too much from pain. That has changed again, I’m going to have to make myself get some good moving around, to try to stretch those muscles.



I'm a WreckI’m at a new milestone in my life, a new chapter, and it’s pretty exciting! With the birth of my grandchild, and being able to be close to and with my daughter, it’s been an adrenaline rush!

Last night, when I got home from my daughters place around 9:30p.m., my blood glucose had dropped to 74. Not deadly, but in need of immediate attention, because, once you start dropping, the decline is fast. I was just shaking trying to get off the phone with updates, I could barely hold the phone. I alway’s tend to push my self to the breaking point, and I don’t know why I can’t discipline myself. Ate, was exhausted, and went to bed, shaking as if I drank a pot of coffee. I couldn’t fall asleep until about 3a.m..

Today was quiet, I was sore with a flare-up, and just oh so tired. I swear if you got a look at me, you would have thought I had just given birth! Just as I laid down to take a nap, my daughter needed me. It was 1:30, and I wanted to take a nap, before my teenage daughter came home for school. Mommy duty….up I went to assist my beautiful daughter. She too, was so extremely exhausted, and very much-needed to rest. I gave my daughter some child-rearing tips and eased her mind.

It did not seem that long, but I was just dripping sweat, literally, like crying. I kept brushing my forehead off, and was having double-vision, was almost going out. My daughter woke up, with a fresh burst of energy. She seen me, and knew I wasn’t doing too well. I didn’t know if her place was just too warm, it always is, or if my blood glucose was crashing. I asked her to get me a blood glucose meter, and she couldn’t find it easily. Then I just said, “Just bring me a glass of juice, it will help me either way. I downed 8 ounces of Grape Juicy-Juice in 15 seconds.

Daughter was good, Mom was bad, so I went home to rest. I napped for a couple of hours and woke up at 7:00 p.m.. Now was the time for the computer to update my progress. I have found so many people through Facebook and WordPress, that are so great and caring. Every one, unique in their own ways! I adore creativeness, and pass this to my children. My oldest is a Graphic Designer for a printing company. My youngest, just absolutely blows me away, with the pictures she makes. If I ever get another tattoo, it will be a small piece of her artwork. Seriously, she’s that good. I should have her older sister scan her pictures for me, so I can upload quality images.

I actually have the television on. Cleve, from Monster Man, just came on. I love watching him, he’s awesome! Their family is so funny, just like most of our own. It’s recording, so I can continue, even though it’s going to distract me. They’re doing work for Dreamworks on this episode! My daughter is familiar with someone from Dreamworks, pretty cool.

Nice hot shower and soak tonight, and hoping to really be able to sleep through the night. Bless all of my followers! It is so compelling to have so many friends from different countries and cultures. Can’t forget all my friends I grew up with, who I socialize with on Facebook. I’ve been a little neglectful to Facebook. I just love my WordPress, writing, sharing, and finding very meaningful people to me. Facebook does not give me that privilege. So, I post all my stuff on Facebook. No I don’t want to create a Facebook page. WordPress consumes me!

Too Close For Comfort

I have Diabetes type II. Last night was pretty scary, now that I got a chance to think about it today. I must have over bolused myself. That is when you give yourself insulin, based on the amount of carbs you’re ingesting. I had went to sleep, and awoke to use the bathroom. I was extremely tired and unsteady. I felt clammy, and was going to turn on my other fan, I have two, one is always on. One condition I have is just always being overheated. Summer sucks sometimes, especially when the dew point is tropical!

I was so weak, I didn’t walk to the other fan, I went to my bed, and immediately grabbed my blood glucose meter. The number that came up was 50. That is a dangerously low number, one that will lead to seizures and unconsciousness. Also, glucose feeds your brain, so when your numbers are that low, you can’t think. I’m surprised I was even able to check my blood level.

I yelled to my husband. When you’re like this, it is hard to even have the energy to muster up to yell. He came to my room, and all I said is ‘My blood sugar is 50.’ I always have candy in my drawer, and he grabbed a valentines day box of chocolates I had not opened. He opened it, and held it there as I started eating chocolates. He told me to start with 3, I ate six, and kept falling asleep I thought. I was actually going in and out of consciousness.

When you are in a position of hyperglycemia, or low blood glucose, when you get sugar, you go to town. A nonstop ravenous rage. I wasn’t in a rage, because I could barely sit up, but when my husband asked how many candies I ate, I had eaten all but one. That’s not good either, because too high blood glucose can put you in a coma. All I knew is that I had enough sugar and I would not die. You really should go to the hospital, but I hate hospitals! I turned over, and went to sleep. My body was so drained. My husband knew I was okay, because he stated that I was snoring so loud, he knew I was just crashed.

This morning I woke up fine and took my blood glucose. It was 151, which is a little high, but I was shocked it wasn’t higher from eating a whole box of chocolate. Yeah, I ate that last piece in the middle of the night, when I awoke again to relieve myself. Just thinking this morning was really scary to me. What if I didn’t wake up to use the bathroom? Would anybody have known I was in seizures? Would I be alive right now to write this blog?

Live everyday like a precious gift. God wasn’t ready for me yet! I thank him! But you just never know what lies ahead. Enjoy what you can everyday, you might not be here tomorrow!