My Progress : Stage 2…2


Of course, everything in life doesn’t work so perfectly. I accept that. I still have not taken any meds, but last night the restless leg syndrome decided to kick in! I can deal with the headache(constant), Loss of appetite, even though I’m diabetic, and really have to make sure my blood sugars don’t drop too low. I am on an insulin pump. Back pain, muscle spasms, loose stools, and irritation. But help me God, when the restless leg syndrome kicks in.

I’ve been so tired, and I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was ready for bed at 10 p.m. and laid in bed till 2 a.m, while my cats decided this was the best time to play on my bed, knock things over, walk on me, fight over who gets to sit in the window above my bed, by my head. So I wrangled myself to the kitchen.

My pick was a slice of cheddar, a couple crackers, a whole can of large, ripe, pitted black olives, and a scoop of peanut butter. Food is a little scarce right now. But, it was delicious! Hey, I had an appetite. Always sleep better on a full stomach, right?

So, back to try to sleep.It was a long night, but eventually fell asleep. My head kept running with the Foo Fighters song Breakout! I looked up at my picture of Jesus, on my wall right next to my bed. I prayed to please help me clear my mind, and take the burdens off my mind. I did the Holy Trinity, kissed my fingertips, and reached up to touch my picture. I fell asleep, no Ibuprofen! Thank you Lord!

The only think that does upset me, is that I haven’t been awake for Shannon, before school. Between her older sister and I, we have been explaining what is happening with me. Why am I so crabby about the mess, ect….