45 Mind Blowing Bottle openers

Here’s a cool collection! Really cool! Click link under photo, and check out all 45 of them! Enjoy!

Mind Junkers Image

Mind Junkers Image

45 Mind Blowing Bottle openers | Mind Junker.


Once Upon A time..Exotic Pets 5

Now, my husband had a couple more tarantulas, but this is the last one I had. I will show the full grown size, but mine was still a baby. I liked to get mine as babies, so that I could train them to be used to being handled. This was my most beautiful tarantula! Common name is green bottle blue. I have two photos of this one!

Once Upon A Time..Exotic Pets 4

To continue on with our collection of tarantulas, this next one was mine. A Tiger Rump. Although mine was still only the size of a 1/2 dollar, the image I’m posting is a full grown Tiger Rump.

Since my spiders were still so small, I held them a lot, so that as they grew, they would be used to handling!

Once Upon A Time…Exotic pets 3

This next tarantula was one of my husbands, similar to the first Origindian Ornamental, this one is the Indian Ornamental. He had a polygon shaped glass cage, with plexiglass, splitting the cage in half. These two spiders would not be able to habituate together. You will see that this tarantula is more of a white version of the Origindian tarantula.

Indian Ornamental

Exotic pets cont….

This is one of the Tarantulas I purchased. I purchased mine as spiderlings, I don’t believe that is the correct term, but they were the size of a quarter. The picture I am going to post is of my Cobalt Blue in full grown form. Enjoy its beauty!

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, my husband and I were into collecting exotic animals. Tarantulas, snakes, lizards, salt water fish, fresh water fish, and a few things here and there. I once had a domestic white duck. That is a story I will save for later.

I am going to start with our Tarantula collection. First, the spiders we had, then some beautiful spiders I wanted. There is quite a bit, so I am going to post a Tarantula a day. The first picture is an Origidian ornamental tarantula. There is a species name, but that gets way to complicated. The spider I am going to post, is also the same spider my husband had tattooed on his back. A birthday present from me. This is the Tarantula!