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Let Me Introduce You

Let me introduce you to an amazing band from Florida! They are called : Red X ! I’ve heard some amazing MP3’s of their dedicated talent! Clean, exciting, and blessed with extreme musical talent. Writing, singing, and instrumental, is the greatest delight to my ears! They are dedicated musicians, who have been entertaining many! I want them to entertain the whole world.

Please go check out their site by clicking on the photo, or link below. You won’t be disappointed! You can also check out their Facebook page :

red X

Red X Band


You Must!

As most of you know, I adore music. I breathe music. I feel the need to share, all types of poetry, that I find in music! So please watch this music video. It is a fabulous song, video!

this is the : Civil Wars : Barton Hollow……Enjoy!

Electronic What?!

Electronic cigarette charger

Electronic cigarette charger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Howdy everyone! While in the process of weaning off my medication, I had went back to smoking. You know the saying, trade one addiction for another. Costly! Worst, my husband also is smoking. Now that’s pricey. Bad choice in spending the money.

I went back to smoking my electronic cigarette. It is a battery, Cartomizer(the filter with an electronic charge). This is a device that simulates smoking. You fill the cartomizer with a non-toxic, flavored oil, and has nicotine in it. It is considered by the doctors, that know this device, that you are now a non-smoker. You do not get all the carcinogens, and added tar, or lung damage. You do not present a hazard to our non-smokers.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it’s a bad photo, my digital camera is ancient, but this is what i have at hand. A Vapor King from

Varieties of the Electronic Cigarette, Also known as an e-cigarette, are very differing in price and quality. Do not waste your time on the free-trial offer from the television. Not suggested. Get online and start searching and learning. I am now back to being a vaping queen.(Vaping: also a word used in e-cig market.)

Another great feature of vaping, is the varieties of flavors, nicotine strengths, and different styles of the battery. That is the Stealth Vapor King. I also have the Diamond Vapor King, in several colors. It has what appears to be a jewel at the end, and when you use, the jewel lights up.

If you are thinking about kicking the habit, why don’t you have a look at an electronic cigarette site. Do your research before making a choice. It will save you hundreds of dollars, and most importantly, your life! (found better photo!)



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Yes, I know I’m stuck on the Foo-Fighters right now. Not only do I love the beautiful Poetry in this song, but also the humorous presentation! Dave Grohl is also quite the actor. Please watch and have a great smile, … Continue reading

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My Music Poetry

I just love the Foo-Fighters! So I’ve probably posted this video before, but now my friends, its encore!

Foo-Fighters : The Pretender – Providing Superior Photos and Product Reviews One Day At A Time!!

Always beautiful photography here! Image – Providing Superior Photos and Product Reviews One Day At A Time!!.


Yes, it was a great day! It’s still today for me right now, but according to WordPress, it is tomorrow! I can see my future! HA-HA! I was actually active today! Cleaning a very messy kitchen! My husband leaves my stove and counters dirty and greasy! Thank you, honey! I still love you. Actually, it was good for me to finally get up and get moving!

I’m not even tired right now! Amazing! Probably because I finally got my adrenaline flowing. Good circulation. Tomorrow, or should I say today, for WordPress, it’s time to vacuum. Don’t even go there, Kyle! Although, your thoughts could be mighty interesting!

What can I say now…..I’m making great progress! Pain isn’t as bad with Lyrica. I don’t know whether to give that up, or not. Probably, but not just yet. I finally was able to get out of bed! I am so blessed to have so many supporters! I love you all, your writings, your comments and all the encouragement a person could ask for!

A special shout out to Sunshine! I love you, Girl! You’re my heart and soul, rolled into a great, bright, ball of, well of course SUNSHINE!

Drew McCall Burke & Mitzi Mager!!!!!


Classic Forever

My favorite song/video in Classic Genre Moody Blues : Nights in White Satin! Please sit back and have a listen.

Admit It, Already……

Most all of you loved Limp Bizkit when they came out. I still do love their stuff. My first time I heard them in re-arranged> I didn’t know who this new group was, but I was really diggin there sound. Why would I ever not like it anymore? Enjoy video of Limp Bizkit : Re-arranged