Hearts are very vulnerable in such a tough world. I would like to share a Pearl Jam song with lyrics. What I like to call Music poetry! This song is called Elderly Woman Behind the Counter. The words are absolutely amazing! I hope you take the time to listen to this very Poetic Song! Please Enjoy!

red X

Let Me Introduce You

Let me introduce you to an amazing band from Florida! They are called : Red X ! I’ve heard some amazing MP3’s of their dedicated talent! Clean, exciting, and blessed with extreme musical talent. Writing, singing, and instrumental, is the greatest delight to my ears! They are dedicated musicians, who have been entertaining many! I want them to entertain the whole world.

Please go check out their site by clicking on the photo, or link below. You won’t be disappointed! You can also check out their Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/REDXBAND

red X

Red X Band

Award Nominee

I have been ever so graciously gifted with 7×7 link award. This gift bestowed upon me by the beautiful Ayasonice at


Thank you so much, this rocks! I will be picking my favorite bloggers in some time. I just need to get some rest in first! Please go visit the link Supersonic Euphony, and be inspired by beautiful writing and pictures! I love this site!


You Must!

As most of you know, I adore music. I breathe music. I feel the need to share, all types of poetry, that I find in music! So please watch this music video. It is a fabulous song, video!

this is the : Civil Wars : Barton Hollow……Enjoy!



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Yes, I know I’m stuck on the Foo-Fighters right now. Not only do I love the beautiful Poetry in this song, but also the humorous presentation! Dave Grohl is also quite the actor. Please watch and have a great smile, … Continue reading

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My Music Poetry

I just love the Foo-Fighters! So I’ve probably posted this video before, but now my friends, its encore!

Foo-Fighters : The Pretender


Meaningful Me

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Alone, I sit and think of nice things. Comforting moments and beautiful people. Emotions of happiness this does bring.   I’m at peace foe awhile. Emotions are flowing. Brings to my face, a shining bright smile.   I hope that … Continue reading

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Fibro Fog


ibuprofen (Photo credit: cncphotos)

A mist clouds my brain.

I rub my eyes

I’m feeling the pain.

My body is aching.

I notice this

Again it is breaking.

Limbs are taking me over.

A flare-up again

I am the Queen Pain loather.

I gave in to Ibuprofen.

Destroy kidneys some more

It happens way too often.

Keep rubbing out the pain.

I do that a lot

Feels good but is back again.

Fibromyalgia! It sucks to know you.

Just keeps on abusing me

You’re brutal! It makes me blue.

Some of the Best

Some of the best poetry can be found in music. Words, instruments creating emotion to the words. One of the best, in my opinion, and I did say one. There are many musicians and bands, that I find, have incredible poetry! One of the best pieces of poetry is Elton John : Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Have a listen to the song! You all know what the song is about, and if you don’t, I’m not going to tell. It’s a secret to all of my generation, who adored this song. So sit back and enjoy some powerful and creative poetry set to music! My bad, the Beatles, are the original musicians. I like Elton’s version.


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