Enough already! My cat Scout is being a starved, craving attention, please play with me cat! My other cat is under the weather. Johnny, well he’s like Scout’s older brother.

My Big Boy Johnny






He was older when Scout was born. All the other older cats at the farmhouse, were mean to him. Not Johnny, he took baby Scout under his wing! Taught him everything to know about being a tougher cat. Johnny was tough, yet gentle, with Scout. He still is. Scout is his shadow.

Johnny, being not so playful lately, has left Scout with nothing to do, but get in trouble. Scout really has the cutest personality and loyalty.MY BABY BOY, SCOUT But lately with no one to play and sleep with, Scout has been being naughty. Its as if he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. My nightstand is his very own personal space. He has a slim walkway. He makes his way past my belongings, and heads straight to my fan. This is where he sticks his head up to the blowing air for a few seconds, he then lies down. I’ve crowded his space. To make sure I know this, he’s knocking all my stuff to the floor, ON PURPOSE!

Enough Already……………..



I suffered with an eating disorder for 13 yrs.. This, before the picture I’m gonna post ,that I found on FB page ‘LOL cats and funny pictures of cats’ “Can I has a cheezeburger”.

It is very sad to me that the epidemic of eating disorders is becoming worse. Since I had my own disorder, it’s easily for me to pick up if someone else is suffering. Because of my sickness, I’ve gained so much weight, I am Fat, but beautiful. Please teach the women, young and old, of how beautiful they are.