This is for all my beautiful, kind friends out in this world! This is an amazing song(poetry)and an amazing video. Please watch and listen to the beautiful words sung by the Red Hot Chili Peppers : My Friends……….



My Sunshine

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I often talk about this one particular person, I call Sunshine! I met her in grammar school, and we became friends. The connection was lost for quite some time. We hung out with different crowds, and just seemed to drift … Continue reading

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I’ve heard a lot of people slam Facebook, saying things like ‘finding old friends is just a waste of time’, ‘They’re not really FRIENDS’…ect…I guess I got lucky on Facebook. I’ve conversed with many that I hadn’t in My SunshineHigh school. Very meaningful conversations too. Lot’s of support. You know how you find your soul-mate when you get married? Well, through Facebook, I found a soul mate friend!

I’ve found many friends through Facebook, but there is just one that was meant to be. I know it sounds mushy and corny, but I truly love this friend that I haven’t seen since I was about 12. I can’t remember how we exactly found each other, but I do know what a tremendous connection we made.

It was nothing forced, it just came to be. She bought such light into my life, just through posts and e-mails. I would trust this person with my life. WHAT? Someone I haven’t seen in a million years? Trust and Love? My answer is most definitely YES.

I know it may be hard for some to digest, but it is my truth. I would have never expected something so wonderful. I would question if it was even possible for me, but she is my Sunshine. On any day, she’s with me through my happiness and turmoil. Everyday, I am with her through her happiness and turmoil. We just have a heaven sent bond. It happened naturally, and I welcomed that bond with open arms.

All through a social network. Doesn’t sound real, but it is. It’s part of my truths revealed.


So I’m moving ahead, and so excited that I just purchased my domain!  Seriously folks, the smallest things make me feel as if I won the Lottery. I hope I’m able to stay interesting, and I do have some pages I would like to add. I have gotten some spam comments in the past, that weren’t too nice. DELETE! I do however allow all of you to give me constructive criticism, in hopes of bettering my blog.

So, please stay with me on my journey! This is like therapy to me! Something I just really enjoy doing. It will take me a while to master my domain, but hopefully I will grow, and you all can watch me blossom.

There is a page of my poetry I would like to add. I hesitate, because I usually write my poetry, as I’m going through dark times. I try to stay positive, and do not want my poetry to reflect upon me as a whole, but as some experiences I’ve struggled through. I wonder why when I want to write poetry, it’s when I’m severely depressed. I guess it’s another form of therapy for me. Being able to get those feelings out, because I don’t want them taking me over. Strange? Maybe, but I think most people will understand. We all do different things to cope. I just have to get that stuff organized. I usually put the poetry to the side, because I don’t want to freak people out. It’s like unmasking myself in times of desperation. That can be a scary thing to do, since we all put on our masks when leaving the comforts of our homes.

So again, bare with me. And I will continue to do my best, to make my page the best I can! Love You All! And a most special shout out to my Sunshine! You rock and help make my world go round! 🙂