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http://kylemew.wordpress.com/I was tagged by Kyle at http://kylemew.wordpress.com/ http://kylemew.wordpress.com/ Now my stat bar looks as if it flatlined! But I loved it!

1. Describe yourself in 7 words.

2. What keeps you up at night?

My cats, the little stinkers who sleep all day!

3. Who would you like to be?
The best I can

4. What are you wearing right now?

A Nighty.

5. What scares you?


6. The best and worst of blogging.
best: Meeting so many cool people
worst: Spam, and I do not like the food either!

7. The last website I visited.


8. What is one thing I would change about myself?
Not being physically sick, or mentally, for that matter!.

9. Slankets. Yes or No?
No! Do not like confinement!

10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.

The person who tagged me is a writing genius, addicted to sex and madness, yet a very kind heart. I love all his posts, and visit his site daily! I’m a stalker…no, Kyle invited me! He’s so freaking sweet!

I’m supposed to tag ten people.


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Do Not Know If I DID this right! Help KYLE!!!!!


My Empire

My empire started at the tender age of 19. I was one month into my nineteenth year of life, when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Danielle. I had just started my own empire, while still being part of a bigger empire. The empire I was a part of was an amazing one. Not always for myself, but definately to the little creature I had just given birth to.

The empire I was part of, had a firm structure already built, and had been established 28 years earlier. Thank goodness I was apart of this structured empire, because I had absolutely no clue on how to build a foundation for my own empire, so I was an apprentice to the empire I was already a part of.

A year, or so, went by, and I wanted to relocate myself and child. I was faced with some resistance, but my apprenticeship was allowed to sprout out to other areas. I always had that firm structure to lean on, as being the apprentice, I still needed the firm roots I relied on. 7 years went by and i was in and out of my empire I was created in, mostly in.

In that seventh year, I totally left my empire, and sprouted my apprenticeship in a new found area. During my 8th 1/2 year, I felt confident enough to start my own empire, and no longer be just an extension of the larger empire I came from. In hind-sight, I realize that I will always be a part of the original empire I came from. Just a statement that I need my readers to know I acknowledge.

At 27 years of age, I partnered with my Husband, and now, my empire was a joint adventure. I was no longer an apprentice, but I now had my own empire, and still belonged to an even greater empire. And, soon after my empire added another addition, and we named her Shannon. My beautiful Danielle, my little trooper, now was a part of two empires also. She welcomed our new addition, with the most open arms! Those arms of hers, still have not closed, bless her God-loving heart!

My empire, unlike my larger Foundation, was not so stable and structured, as I was used too. But, I had created my own empire, and it was my responsibility to build the structure and foundation to thrive on. My empire wasn’t thriving so well, but the empire I originated from, still provided as much structure as possible, to become as solid as it was. I was the President of my empire, but had no way to enforce the rules, that would make our empire thrive. What could I do. I tried leading with the iron-fist, but that just lead our empire to grow weaker. I would try to escape, but my responsibilities engulfed me, like a black hole. I couldn’t see the light in that hole, and was in the dark, running a disfunctional empire.

There were many circumstances that contributed to the problems that stood in the way of success. I had let many moles in. I did this out of the kindness of my heart. They either had no place to go, or needed a place to escape their own indiscrepancies. I let in way more than I could handle, and once again, simple rules were not being followed, no matter how I tried to manage them. During these times, it was in no terms that I was fragile, or even had a frgile mind. It just was, and I didn’t have the answers I oh, so craved. After much fighting, both emotional and physical, I got rid of all those moles not part of my empire. It drained me and soon gave me the reputation of being a cold hearted bitch. I had, had enough. I was done! I was broken hearted, and pissed at the people who had crossed me, after taking the last drops of hope from me.

I so needed to relocate my empire, and at this point, you might be thinking, why aren’t you saying our empire, considering your married. The reason for that is that my partner, or Vise President, was in his own world, or should I say, empire of one, or a sprouted empire from our own empire. Hope that wasn’t to confusing. Let me say this. He made good money, so was a great provider in that nature, and he truly loves his children. He also got us away from a place we no longer wanted to be. The only hard part of leaving, was leaving the roots and foundation of the original empire I had come from.

The move was excellent for the first 3 years. My empire was running smoothly, a couple snags along the way, but a far cry from what we left behind. I felt so independent. I was in another state, coming in as a stranger. I really took comfort in being an outsider. Although very hard for my 15 year old daughter, she eventually settled in. Shannon was so young, that Minnesota is what she knows. But Danielle, who earlier, I called my little trooper, was just that, a trooper, just not so little anymore, even though she knows she’ll always be my baby, along with Shannon.

Huge snag! One that still persists in my empire, even though I am slowly fixing MY EMPIRE. My beautiful daughter branched out and created her own empire. An apprentice to my empire, and extremely successful in running her own empire. My empire is actually more successful, because of her empire.

All in all, being part of an empire, requires working on it at all times. Making wise decisions, and always learning from your mistakes. We all are a part of our own Empires, and it’s always important to work on making them successful. If you’re unemployed, work a minimum wage job, or have all the money you could desire, it is always something you need to be aware of. Always something you need to put effort and thought into, so your empire can be successful to you! 🙂