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My site here at WordPress, is my personal therapist. I have shared things, without hesitation, because I feel freedom!Ā  An ability to say how I feel, share my heart, and mostly, seeing how many beautiful people this world holds.

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My site is called backwards222, because I get very unorganized. My mind rarely shuts off, so random thoughts just keep popping up. So it is really a mixture of all my thoughts as they randomly appear. So I consider my site backwards.

I receive many warm thoughts, laughter, caring and sharing, for opening my heart, and letting it all go. You can never have too much love in your life. Even suffering pain will not keep me from my happy place, WordPress. When people say they wish they could somehow help me, I think to myself, they are, just because they care.

I may have limitations physically, but my heart and faith, keeps me moving along the best I can. My friends, and I do mean friends, even if we never actually met physically, keep my soul afire. I thank you all.

I have a video of Journey performing live, Wheel In The Sky, it’s a lovely piece, so I hope you watch and enjoy this. And once again, thank you, my dear friends!



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Sometimes I have a taste of bitterness. Under my breath I hide the horrid taste. Instead, I believe I taste a true test. No emotion worth the time, is just a waste. Run off my shoulders and fall beneath my … Continue reading

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Just Me

My Followers

Just MeI just want to thank, all my followers, for making this site work for me! A special shout out to Photobotos, Ashleyjillian,Kylemew,7thheaven, my Facebook supporters, all of you.

Thank you all for posting, liking, and giving me such inspirational words! Another reason I am truly inspired!

God Bless You All!!!

The More The Merrier

An awesome band looking to play in the Battle of the Bands 2012! Please click the link below and vote for The More The Merrier! Sound clip for you to listen also. Please my followers, let’s VOTE for this band! Many thanks! Come on people, let’s rock this vote!! Are ya with me?????


Battle of the Bands – TheMoreTheMerrier.


He’s gonna get you,

He’s gonna get you!Image from Guyism.com

Too late to be scared,

He does not care.

Now you’re confused,

Too late the evil has fused.

The signs of light were there,

I guess you didn’t care.

He’s gonna get you,

Better save yourself.

Don’t stay alone,

Grab those words of light,

And be your own.

Goodbye devil, Goodbye evil,

Hello world, it’s time to heal!