From Sand To Art

Okay,Okay…I’m in an artsy mood today. These photos are absolutely incredible sand sculptures! Not yummy, unless that is, you like eating sand. As usual, to see all these incredible sculptures, click link below photo! Happy linking!

Mind Junkers Image

From Sand To Art: Inspirational Sculptures Art | Mind Junker.


44 Mind Blowing Examples Of Patriotic Airbrushing

This is really a link that will be worth your time to view! Most incredible art! Please click on the link below picture, to see more!

Mind Junker/Mala

44 Mind Blowing Examples Of Patriotic Airbrushing | Mind Junker.

Gutter Art

For some viewing pleasure, I have pressed some art! Not just any old art, but creative minds using gutters in the street to pretty them up! Please do enjoy!

Mind Junker Image

Amazing Gutter Art | Mind Junker.