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Sometimes I have a taste of bitterness. Under my breath I hide the horrid taste. Instead, I believe I taste a true test. No emotion worth the time, is just a waste. Run off my shoulders and fall beneath my … Continue reading

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I Feel Like This Sometimes

This is how I feel sometimes! Not too much though. Please enjoy this music poetry by Korn : Coming Undone


I was planning on celebrating Jesus and not getting on the net! What am I doing? I’m sure I’ll be forgiven! My daughter’s water broke at 2 a.m. At 3:30, I got the update, and that everything was good, and she was all set up in her room. Her contractions are at 20 min apart at this time 12:00 noon.

Maybe a special Easter delivery And because I’m on the net, I had to choose my music to listen too. Korn was in, but that wasn’t appropriate for the occasion! So I chose RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers)! Stadium Arcadium! Had to Listen to Dani California! Her name is Danni, and her mom is kind of a tough Hippie.


Korn : Love song

I know this song might seem a bit rough, but this is like a soundtrack for myself! The words are really something, and have a lot of meaning to me. This is my all time Korn song!

Some Music For My Ears

Some music for my ears and maybe yours. Some Korn! This version of ‘Alone I Break‘ is live, and a much more mellow version of the official video. Either way, I love It! I hope you will enjoy!