Did You Know ? 50 Facts

I haven’t researched these facts, so I don’t know if all are true, however this is really amusing! Click the link below photo to check them out! Enjoy!

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Did You Know ? 50 Facts | Mind Junker.


Weirdest Shoes Ever

Now I’ve seen some pretty weird stuff, but these shoes are just amazingly different! Click the link below photo, to see 23 more pairs of wild shoes!

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24 Weirdest Shoes Ever | Mind Junker.

Let’s Eat Cake!

I am amazed of how cake has become such a bigger part of creative ability! It never stops, and I love it! So let’s enjoy some cake and art at the same time! Click the link below to see some awesome artwork!

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36 Awesome Geeky Gadget Cakes | Mind Junker.

Creative Wild Furniture

There are so many forms of Art in this world. Some, a lot of people might miss. This furniture is really creative art. I know my husband would like a table or something, but really it is of a quite particular taste. Great Art though. Check out the link below the photo, to see some amazing furniture art!

Creative Wild Furniture | Mind Junker.

Kids Are Awesome

Let’s face it, kid’s are the most precious gifts we get to experience! Both of my girls have done this as babies(photo). Click the link below the photo to experience some gross, funny, and precious pictures of cute children! I once made a statement saying “God made babies so darn cute, so we could never kill them!” Please enjoy the link!

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Awesome Kids Are Awesome | Mind Junker.

Gutter Art

For some viewing pleasure, I have pressed some art! Not just any old art, but creative minds using gutters in the street to pretty them up! Please do enjoy!

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Amazing Gutter Art | Mind Junker.

Tired of Eating the Same Old Things?

Talk about cultural food, and what some consider a delicacy! Beprepared, some does not look appetizing to an American Palate! Click the link below the picture to see what’s on the menu!

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Top 12 Weirdest Meals Around The World | Mind Junker.

40 Extremely Creepy Photographs

Very creepy art! Very cool, some might give you nightmares! Beware! For all you horror fans out there, this is a must see! Click the link below the photo, to see all these amazing photos! Enjoy!

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40 Extremely Creepy Photo Manipulations | Mind Junker.

25 Weird Hospital Themed Cakes | Mind Junker

In keeping with my cake theme, just what I just came upon? Hospital themed cakes! Awesome!!! Let’s eat cake! Click the link below photo, and see them all! Enjoy!

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25 Weird Hospital Themed Cakes | Mind Junker.