WHAT??!!!!!! Okay, All Better

I’m sitting here right now, wide awake, thinking of my daughter and son-in-law, and my beautiful grandchild. Shannon stayed home from school, to be able to go see her niece. Fine about that, however, they are doing random inspections of apartments. I don’t know about you, but I must be here. I don’t like people entering my home, when no one is here. I don’t want someone looking in my dresser drawers, or cabinets. It’s nobody’s business.

We all had a late night last night. I’m sure my husband was up all night as usual. Well, here I sit, the only one awake, but I can’t leave. I just told everybody it’s time to get up. Of course, no one is listening to me. On top of that, they are angry, because I am being relentless. Why MOM? Duh!!! Get the F^ck up, already. I am so sick of this. I have to be responsible for everything? NO!!!!!

I’m supposed to be happy that my daughter had a healthy baby and her health is good. But at this time, I’m feeling quite angry! Things need to be done, and taken care of. If you want to stay up all night, then do your chores then. If you don’t, I’m going to wake your ass up. And the real good part is no one listens, until I get mean! Why does that have to be? Do they think I’m some kind of pushover?

Hey! I’m back to my draft! Everybody’s up, chores are done, and now we’re getting along. We can focus on our new blessing, and take care of their cat upstairs. What I do not understand is, why I have to be mean and demanding, to get cooperation? It must mean that when I go into Mother mode, they either get up, or listen to me bitch…..hahahahahahaha. It works, but I hate it! I like to stay in a good mood!

Now I’m just hoping I can speak with my daughter over the phone. Every time I call, she is with the baby, or nurse, and info comes from daddy. Then he can’t talk because he’s a big part in taking care of Elliana Kay! Right now I’m just wondering if I’m gonna call baby by her full name, or Elli. Full names usually mean you’re in trouble. Sometimes I even call my husband by his full name. He then calls me by my full name….too funny!

Either way, I’m in a great mood now, and that’s a great thing! Love you all! Thanks for all the attention for Elliana Kay! I’m a proud Nonna!


Stage 3? My Progress

All I can say besides pain is lethargy! I am so lethargic, I don’t know how to get out of it. The muscle spasms don’t help much either, but I had those symptoms before starting narcotic pain medication.

My eldest daughter is getting ready to give birth any day now! I’m hoping this will make me just get up and go! This is such an important milestone in my life, that I just am grasping as hard as I can, to just be Nonna!

Mostly, besides the lethargy, my body aches so bad! This again before being diagnosed and given prescriptions. My legs and back are just filled with pain. There is no way I will get away with walking around the block without a wheelchair! Hell, I can’t even do a load of dishes without taking a break!

My youngest daughter has stepped up to the plate to help her mom out! I was so proud of her yesterday! I told her that it helps mom feel better, when she helps me. I know my eldest daughter has helped my younger one understand what Mom’s going through! Bless my children! My husband has also been a lot better. I just hope it stays that way.

So right now, I don’t know if I’m in a stage or if this is it now. I do know that my grandchild will be a huge part of my life, no matter how sick I feel. And also my teenager! This is such a fragile time in her life, she needs a mom that’s there for her.

Thank you to all who have supported me through this! Thank you for my internet friends keeping me sane. I love hearing from all of you, and love to see what your up to! When I’m not too lethargic! That’s bad, too lethargic to type a computer! HA-HA! Having my blog has done wonders for me, and without you all, it would mean nothing at all! So, again, Thank You All! Peace, Love & Rock and Roll!