Some of the Best

Some of the best poetry can be found in music. Words, instruments creating emotion to the words. One of the best, in my opinion, and I did say one. There are many musicians and bands, that I find, have incredible poetry! One of the best pieces of poetry is Elton John : Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Have a listen to the song! You all know what the song is about, and if you don’t, I’m not going to tell. It’s a secret to all of my generation, who adored this song. So sit back and enjoy some powerful and creative poetry set to music! My bad, the Beatles, are the original musicians. I like Elton’s version.



I’m Not Sad

A tear rolls down my cheek

I’m not sad

No more my life feels bleak.

Many comforts engulf my mind

I’m not sad

True love is hard to find.

I found that love emotion

I’m not sad

It spills upon me like the ocean.

Worlds I have found amiss

I’m not sad

I’m submerged in bliss.

Many great things I explore

I’m not sad

My mind wraps around my core.

I’ve hit a milestone incredibly

I’m not sad

I’m happy for it idebtedly!

Thieving Hearts

A beautiful Blog site. Beautiful poetry, stunning pictures! I really love this poem right now! You really need to see how beautiful this site is

Thieving Hearts.

Flip-Floppin In My Head

I’ve mentioned before I have a passion for writing. My biggest goal was to write a novel. I started that novel, pen and paper, and lots of thoughts. Then I found WordPress, and thought ‘here’s my medium’. But I’ve been holding back. First I decide to start putting excerpts as part of my Blog, then I think ‘maybe not’. Flip-floppin is what my thoughts are doing.

Why am I flip-floppin, you might ask? Fear. That’s the only thing holding me back. Finishing my book would be one of my very own achievements, say, one checked off my ‘Bucket-List‘. Now I could achieve this, and keep it private, but it’s not a personal journal, it’s a pure fiction story. I want to share it. My fear is holding me back.

The fear is that others may not like it. Why should I care? I just do, it’s in my nature. My Husband is always saying, “Who cares what anybody else thinks, they can think what they want.” But I care. I care about what other people think. I’m extremely sensitive, and I have to learn to be strong when it is appropriate to do so. Not everybody is going to be interested in what I write, I know that, but I’m afraid of those people.

The fear exists in my head, and I’m doing battle with it. There are some heavy hitters out there. There is also those people who take joy in bringing others down. There’s constructive criticism, and there’s scolding. Unsympathetic comments, and just plain mean comments. No one wants to feel as if they wasted someones time, or demeaned. So I grapple everyday with which path I should take.

Not everything is going to be pleasant. Am I ready for the war in my head? I think I am, but I fear it.



So I’m moving ahead, and so excited that I just purchased my domain!  Seriously folks, the smallest things make me feel as if I won the Lottery. I hope I’m able to stay interesting, and I do have some pages I would like to add. I have gotten some spam comments in the past, that weren’t too nice. DELETE! I do however allow all of you to give me constructive criticism, in hopes of bettering my blog.

So, please stay with me on my journey! This is like therapy to me! Something I just really enjoy doing. It will take me a while to master my domain, but hopefully I will grow, and you all can watch me blossom.

There is a page of my poetry I would like to add. I hesitate, because I usually write my poetry, as I’m going through dark times. I try to stay positive, and do not want my poetry to reflect upon me as a whole, but as some experiences I’ve struggled through. I wonder why when I want to write poetry, it’s when I’m severely depressed. I guess it’s another form of therapy for me. Being able to get those feelings out, because I don’t want them taking me over. Strange? Maybe, but I think most people will understand. We all do different things to cope. I just have to get that stuff organized. I usually put the poetry to the side, because I don’t want to freak people out. It’s like unmasking myself in times of desperation. That can be a scary thing to do, since we all put on our masks when leaving the comforts of our homes.

So again, bare with me. And I will continue to do my best, to make my page the best I can! Love You All! And a most special shout out to my Sunshine! You rock and help make my world go round! 🙂