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As you can see, I am on the net. Whoo- Hoo! Don’t have much time, so I have to share a poem based on my true story. It is written simply, no scholarly attempt to complicate the message I have for all. I Hope you all feel this in your hearts!



Words spoken to my ears,

Bringing anger, sadness and torrential tears.

Anger burst, my heart, was now pierced,

A blow most shattering, cruel and fierce.

Blades and pills ran amuck in my mood,

The devil telling me my worth was no good.

Painful tugs in hearts and souls,

Hurtful words to break my goal.

I prayed, my Lord, To forgive my urge,

I prayed to Jesus, to help me purge.

Lonely, unwanted, the darkest of time,

The Devil still clinging so hard to my mind.

A knock at the door, I welcomed in desperation,

A kind Christian heart to explain my salvation.

The Lord had spoken, for him to come to me,

My God heard my prayers, thus lifting me.

The Devil was gone, he had lost his fight,

My Savior made known his presence that night.

Surrounding my heart, came the calm, so deep,

The Lord had granted me unburdened  sleep.




I’m on a pearl Jam kick right now, probably because, I think my daughter still has my CDs! This is another beautifully written song. Sit back and enjoy, it’s very peaceful! Good Night All!



Hearts are very vulnerable in such a tough world. I would like to share a Pearl Jam song with lyrics. What I like to call Music poetry! This song is called Elderly Woman Behind the Counter. The words are absolutely amazing! I hope you take the time to listen to this very Poetic Song! Please Enjoy!

Good Day

I am happy to say, with a couple of days of resting, my flare-up has had mercy upon me. This is like a dog who chases their tale. I will be up and active, until the next flare-up begins, from activity. Days like today, I can enjoy! I have a lot to do though. Chores! Nothing to fun, but necessary. This will help me relax. I like things cleaned. Remember the note to my roommates? Well, it has gone unnoticed! Yay! I just love my family so much, that I continue to let them get away with their behavior.

I received so many well wishes, that it lifts my spirits, especially when I’m experiencing a major flare-up. I thank you all for this. For the people who suffer from chronic pain, my heart is with all of you, too! I’d like to thank all for the encouragement and information supplied to me.

So, I’m going to celebrate with what? Need you ask? A music video! What joy! Here is a very nice video by The Red Hot Chili Peppers : Snow (Hey Oh)!

When I Sit

As I get the chance to rest and sit, I often choose music over television. I have a satellite radio from my broke down Jeep. I have not asked my husband to hook it up for me, inside. I do own a big collection of cd’s. Television off, I choose what to listen to. Chosen today was the CD Fergie The Duchess. Included in this post, is an extended version of Big Girls Don’t Cry. A very touching, beautiful song. I hope you sit back and watch.



This is for all my beautiful, kind friends out in this world! This is an amazing song(poetry)and an amazing video. Please watch and listen to the beautiful words sung by the Red Hot Chili Peppers : My Friends……….


You Must!

As most of you know, I adore music. I breathe music. I feel the need to share, all types of poetry, that I find in music! So please watch this music video. It is a fabulous song, video!

this is the : Civil Wars : Barton Hollow……Enjoy!


I have a video post of Disturbed : Stupify, from the album The Sickness.

This video makes me think of a lot of things. Poverty, politics, the economy and the way people overspend and the greedy. What do you think about, watching this video? Don’t be shy, leave a comment! 🙂



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