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I have been tagged by http://www.birdmartin.wordpress.com/

Thank you Bird! Please go check her awesome and compelling site.

The Question bestowed upon me By Bird is :

Who is your favorite human being on this earth at this moment?

That was an extremely tough question for me, because I have so many favorites. I cannot include my family, because I love them all equally with my heart, always! Too many to pick from on WordPress, I adore so many of you! So here goes…At this moment my lovely friend, I’ve known since grammar school. She is a commenter on my site with the name, Sunshine. I named her this, because that is what she brings into my life.

Btw: I figured not to choose in the Holy Trinity, because that is my first and most important at every moment of my life.

Rules to the game of Tag:

  1.     You must post these rules.
    •     Answer the question the “tagger” listed for you in their post,
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The 11 bloggers I have picked to Tag are:

Supersonic Euphony :What made you take this journey on WordPress?

Terry 1954: What has made you smile today?

Ashley Jillian : What compels you most?

Dawn Pisturino : How are you feeling this week?

Kyle Mew : Have you reached your goals in life?

The Second Site :How do you like having your own site?

Cribbings : What is your idea of a great day?

The Anony Blogger :Is your poetry based on personal experiences?

Born At Twenty Five : What inspires you most?

Know The Sphere :What makes your heart speak?

Love Your Movies : What inspire you the most in film?

Hope I did this all right. I am Backwards, you know! 🙂

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Award Nominee

I have been ever so graciously gifted with 7×7 link award. This gift bestowed upon me by the beautiful Ayasonice at


Thank you so much, this rocks! I will be picking my favorite bloggers in some time. I just need to get some rest in first! Please go visit the link Supersonic Euphony, and be inspired by beautiful writing and pictures! I love this site!



Beautiful Blogger Award Nominees!

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Beautiful Blogger Award Nominees by:1stjoeyanna at backwards 222 http://www.supersoniceuphony.wordpress.com/ http://www.fivereflections.wordpress.com/ http://bridgesburning.wordpress.com/ http://lynneayersbeyondthebrush.wordpress.com/ http://littlefallofrain.wordpress.com/ http://bbchanel2288.wordpress.com/ http://nanapamela.wordpress.com/ http://www.terry1954.wordpress.com/ You all are beautiful bloggers! And once again, I’d like to thank Dawn Pisturino at http://www.dawnpisturino.wordpress.com/

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Beautiful Blogger Award Nominee

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I’m so elated to say that I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award, by ever so sweet, Dawn Pisturino! http://dawnpisturino.wordpress.com/ Thank you Dawn! This is my first award! I’m so speechless! Hope I did this correctly, I will pick … Continue reading

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How The Net is Keeping Me Healthy

Seriously folks, maybe I’m not too computer savvy, and that’s why so much of my time is consumed. Sometimes I’m alarmed at how much time I’ve sat in front of this screen. No different than being a huge gamer. However, I’ve noticed some quite unhealthy habits it has cut me down on.

1.  Smoking- even though I smoke electronic cigs, which puts me in the category of not smoking. It does save me juice for my e-cig.

2. Drinking way less coffee. And that’s good because I’m a coffeeholic.

3. Television watching has been cut 1/2. I now go through my DVR and delete things that have been waiting for my attention too long.

4. I am multi-tasking! Twitter, Facebook and all my other social networks receive all my thoughts, born here on WordPress! No One is left out.

5. My brain is too busy to argue over small stuff in the household! How peaceful!

I think those are some pretty great things I’ve achieved by raising my WordPress baby Blog. And without even trying! Couldn’t ask for more!