Too Funny! (mature content)

I was just watching the trailer for Andy Samberg  and Adam Sandlers movie! I have to see this, It looks hilarious. There is Mature content in this video, so please, If you are easily offended or under 18, you may not watch! For those of you who find this humorous, I’m glad you enjoyed as much as I did! 🙂



Target Practice

Guns. The right to bare arms, I support the NRA. I have had much experience with guns. Always target practice, and skeet shooting, with rifles. I could never be a hunter, unless I was the prey. Pistols, rifles, you name it, I’ll tell you if I experienced one. Colt 45, 22 millimeter, 44 magnum, Desert Eagle 50 caliber. Some rifles include 10 gauge double barrel, 12 gauge, AK47, 30 ot 6 sniper rifle with scope and tripod. There have been many.

The sport of target shootingis exhilarating. I tend to be fond of the more powerful guns and rifles. My favorite of handguns is the 50 caliber Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle 50 caliber brushed chrome

Desert Eagle 50 caliber brushed chrome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Favorite rifle is the 30 ot 6

The 30 ot 6 I used with a scope and tri-pod. It’s a sniper rifle. Massive recoil, bruising my shoulder, even with my added padding. Had I only knew at a younger age, I might have pursued in excelling my target with the 30 ot 6 rifle. My husband had always said I would make a good sniper. No, I can’t kill living things. It’s nice to know that as a woman though. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Ammunition for 30 ot 6 rifle

When I Sit

As I get the chance to rest and sit, I often choose music over television. I have a satellite radio from my broke down Jeep. I have not asked my husband to hook it up for me, inside. I do own a big collection of cd’s. Television off, I choose what to listen to. Chosen today was the CD Fergie The Duchess. Included in this post, is an extended version of Big Girls Don’t Cry. A very touching, beautiful song. I hope you sit back and watch.


45 Mind Blowing Bottle openers

Here’s a cool collection! Really cool! Click link under photo, and check out all 45 of them! Enjoy!

Mind Junkers Image

Mind Junkers Image

45 Mind Blowing Bottle openers | Mind Junker.

Once Upon A time..Exotic Pets 5

Now, my husband had a couple more tarantulas, but this is the last one I had. I will show the full grown size, but mine was still a baby. I liked to get mine as babies, so that I could train them to be used to being handled. This was my most beautiful tarantula! Common name is green bottle blue. I have two photos of this one!