Just Because..A note to my roommates

Unwashed dishes in a sink; an authentic situation.

Unwashed dishes in a sink; an authentic situation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roommates, too funny, this a note to my youngest daughter and husband, my roommates. Here goes:

  • Just because I do ALL the dishes, does not grant you the right to dirty them up as quickly as possible.
  • Just because I sweep and mop the kitchen floor, does not give you the right to spill or drip food on my floor, and just walk away.
  • Just because I clean the bathroom, does not give you the right to leave dirty make-up cotton swabs or whiskers in the sink from shaving.

I just wanted to share this with my slightly sloppy roommates, in hopes that by putting in writing, you can’t say ‘I forgot’! Though I do much adore my daughter and husband, putting this in writing, makes it official.

Signed : Your loving mother and wife.


No Excuses

Medical marijuana usa

Medical marijuana usa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I make no excuses on how I feel about many things in life. Love, relationships, opinions. I keep absolutely no skeletons in my closet, especially with family. Mom, dad, brothers, kids, and husband. I might have one secret, but it’s just mine. Affects no one but me. I reveal my truths here. How I feel about censorship, legalizing of medical marijuana, my health, my progress, I don’t hide this from society.

You might not agree with what my feelings are, but what’s great about that is, you’re entitled to your feelings. That’s how I feel. I am entitled to feel the way I do. I’ve hit milestones in my life that allow me to express myself. So important to be able to express your feelings. Sometimes, my husband cuts me off in mid sentence! He doesn’t realize how much that angers me. He’s not allowing me to express myself. He’s heard it a million times. That is what he will tell you.

I sit back and wonder if my husband has heard it a million times, why hasn’t he expressed a concern for my feelings? Is it that we have been together for almost 20 years, and he still sees me as being 27 years old? The woman he fell in love with. Is it because I’m a mother first and a lover second? Regardless of our issues, we still somehow stick together. And agrees with most of my feelings on the topics of politics.

Accept. He’s a man of few words. I’m a talker. Go figure, opposites attract, right? I also know that he truly does love me. I don’t ever question that. He can be the best of friends. I like that. I can tell him anything that would be embarassing, and not flinch. I need more help though.

I know he is not a spring chicken, but my Chronic Pain Syndrome engulfs me sometimes. It is only when it brings me to tears that he springs into some action, to help with daily chores. Why do I have to be in tears? Why isn’t it just cooperation and a commitment to it?

Enough of the sappy stuff. I’ve already proved my independence, and that’s all I need. I call my own shots now. With all. I am a very kind soul, though. I have compassion and understanding. Very important for a person to learn these valuable traits.

I’m sorry to my followers if I have not stopped by. The birth of my grandchild, and my flare-ups leave me rather weak. I will bounce back though. That’s my job, I’m a mom.

Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful weekend! Much love to all of you!


My Sunshine

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I often talk about this one particular person, I call Sunshine! I met her in grammar school, and we became friends. The connection was lost for quite some time. We hung out with different crowds, and just seemed to drift … Continue reading

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For My Dearest Danielle

Tiny hands and tiny toes,

Blue or Pink, we do not know,

My baby, my daughter, who’s all grown,

A marriage with husband, a life her own,

Her magical laughter and glowing face,

Are my precious visions, I won’t replace,

Her tummy grows some, every day,

Seeing her with child, lights my way,

My Son-In-Law, who I hold dear,

Cherishes my daughter with loving care,

I’m happy beyond words, I cannot say,

Soon will be my grandchild to light my day,

My daughter’s marriage with a love so dear,

Will bring to our hearts, a baby held near.