Target Practice

Guns. The right to bare arms, I support the NRA. I have had much experience with guns. Always target practice, and skeet shooting, with rifles. I could never be a hunter, unless I was the prey. Pistols, rifles, you name it, I’ll tell you if I experienced one. Colt 45, 22 millimeter, 44 magnum, Desert Eagle 50 caliber. Some rifles include 10 gauge double barrel, 12 gauge, AK47, 30 ot 6 sniper rifle with scope and tripod. There have been many.

The sport of target shootingis exhilarating. I tend to be fond of the more powerful guns and rifles. My favorite of handguns is the 50 caliber Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle 50 caliber brushed chrome

Desert Eagle 50 caliber brushed chrome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Favorite rifle is the 30 ot 6

The 30 ot 6 I used with a scope and tri-pod. It’s a sniper rifle. Massive recoil, bruising my shoulder, even with my added padding. Had I only knew at a younger age, I might have pursued in excelling my target with the 30 ot 6 rifle. My husband had always said I would make a good sniper. No, I can’t kill living things. It’s nice to know that as a woman though. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Ammunition for 30 ot 6 rifle


Too Tired

I just have so many too many things going on at the same time. I’m wired, but very tired. So instead of having to write so much, I like to post music videos, that I really appreciate. I really consider music poetry, just better, because they can play instruments as well. It’s a form of art I thrive off of. Not really the watching, just the intense listening. I have many music genres that I listen to. If I like it, I like it.

Lady GaGa : You and I

But Wait……


sandman (Photo credit: ForestMind)

Ahhhhh, yesterday was so productive! What happened?!!! I’m so tired today! I think I did too much yesterday…..vacuuming was today. I took a nap, and am ready for yet, another. I don’t like Mr. Sandman! Doesn’t he know that his job is tonight? Why must he incessantly pick on me! I’d like to sprinkle some vacuum cleaner dust in his face! Maybe then he’ll leave me alone.

You do know that the Sandman has acquired the taste for strong instant coffee, right? Every day I drink it, just so he’ll leave me alone! But, no, he decided to like coffee too. I would think with all his energy, maybe he’ll vacuum for me? No, he’s not nice, at least not at this particular time! When night-time falls, guess what he does? He leaves me awake, goes to work sending the tired into slumbered dreams, and doesn’t come home all night!

I need to put him in his place when I catch him, the sneaky little bastard! He does the same things to my animals, too! Makes them sleepy all day, and leaves when they’re wide awake! He must be a dog lover, because all dogs know when it’s time to go to sleep.

Mr.Sandman, send me some dreams, and let’s do this at an appropriate time, okay? I don’t want to have to get all up in your face, when I catch you! I have words to write, and things to do, and you are very much getting in my way! What, did you update your fairy dust, to a odorless, gas? To get to more people? Trying to be efficient in your job? I know, you must own stock in a drug company that supplies sleeping pills! I’m on to you, you little trickster!

I’m up and writing right now, Mr. Sandman! Stay away until, eleven or so. That’s P.M. by the way! And I’m running on Central Time Zone! Got it? Now, let’s get with the program!

Now here’s a little diddy for you Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live! performing Karn Evil!

Starting Change

So, since I have ranted about being sick of taking pain pills, I’ve started weening myself off! YAY! Now, I’ve had people comment, ‘Don’t stop taking them, it’ll kill you’! My thoughts? I’m not taking one pain pill, till I can’t stand the pain. If that means I’ve cut them out almost 75%, than so be it. I figure that only God knows when it’s my time to go.

I have pain now, but just taking a pill is only putting a band-aid on. Actually, its more like ingesting poison. I want my life back dammit, I’m taking it back, and right now I’m keeping really strong!

I know when people comment about there worries of me not taking my medication, it is because they have a genuine concern. But, I’m like a Hippie. That is just nonsense to me. I know my body, and how it feels. I’m just stubborn that way. Say what you will, but I know what’s right for me.

So, on a positive note, I’m moving along, and no longer stuck in a stale-mate. I know there will be harder days than others, so I need to thrive on positivity! Even though I was so down last night, how ironic of me! But it is now yet another day!

My cat spilled water all over my cell phone, my bodies aching, yet, I’m still in a good mood. If I was on my meds, I don’t think I’d be in a good mood. Now that to me is some positivity.

God is listening to me and Jesus is keeping his compassion with me. I couldn’t be in a better place for this journey I’m on right now.

Nontraditional Wedding Cakes For The Creative Couple | WebUrbanist

I LOVE cake. And I especially love cake art. Hope you enjoy these non-traditional wedding cakes! Check out the link below to see some awesome cakes!

Nontraditional Wedding Cakes For The Creative Couple | WebUrbanist.

Another Day

My Beautiful Young Lady

Let’s see, it’s all snowy and white outside(fresh layer last night), and the Sun was out for a while! Now I am processing my Vitamin D, that’s always a good thing, especially as you grow older. Talked with the parents, great conversation. Keeping myself busy on the internet….the dishes are haunting me. The cats are behaving, and not knocking my things over. It’s quiet. What a great day.

Yesterday, I was so impressed with my 15 year old daughter, Shannon. After , school, after my conversation about her day, she disappeared. Next thing I know, she’s in the bathroom, and came out with garbage in her hands. She’s really bad at leaving used Q-tips, with smudged eyeliner, all over the bathroom counter. These Q-tips end up on the floor and in the hallway, because the cats just adore playing with them. We also have to leave the toilet seat down too. Not because the cats want to drink from it, but they do like to drop things in the bowl, and then play trying to fish their new toy out, and splattering water all over the place.

So, I run into Shannon, with the garbage in her hands, and ask her what she’s up to. I almost fell over when she replied, ‘ I feel like cleaning. I already cleaned my room.’ I was puzzled. I usually have to ask many times, and in most cases till the next day, for her to do a chore for me. Then I remembered, she asked if a friend could spend the week-end. So, I said to her, ‘I know why you’re cleaning, you want your friend to be able to come over this weekend.’ I was wrong! She said ‘ That’s not until the following weekend’. Behold, I was in shock. She went about her way, and continued cleaning, stating again she just felt like cleaning.

I know this may sound rather insignificant to others, but I was so happy and proud. Then just a little bit sad that my baby, wasn’t such a baby anymore. I told her how proud I was of her, and she questioned, why? I explained she was showing how responsible she was, and how that really made me happy! She was contributing her resposibilities to our home.

I kept thanking her, and letting her know how much that helped me out. She acted like it was no big deal, but I know it made her feel really good to be praised on her good deeds. She was in the living room with her Dad. She was on the computer, and I sat down nest to my husband and expressed to him, what she had done. I just sat there, staring at her, proud but sad. What was wrong? My precious little baby was a young adult. All is not lost though! We have a grandbaby to arrive in April! Another set of tiny hands and feet we get to be a part of! And Shannon will be a wonderful Aunt and role model to her! That’s HAPPINESS! 🙂